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2019: The Year Of The Q1SP Episode??
So last year we've had a thread about the things we want to see in Quake in 2018, and it proved wildly successful. Personally one of my wishes were to see more SP episodes, rather than packs with no order to them, since it's an art form that's been really neglected over the last decade or so. As you may have noticed, it didn't really pan out as such.

However, could we be looking at a possible resurgence of the Quake Episode in this coming year? There's at least 4 episodes set for a probable/possible/potential release in 2019:

- Newhouse's blue episode that's been long time coming, also allegedly a part of an even bigger plan, now;

- skacky's compilation of metal runic maps from jams/speedmaps/etc. with a new layer of polish on top;

- Danzadan's rumored terracotta episode;

- another mapper's episode I tested back in March;

There's probably more episodes in plans or in development that I haven't listed here, who knows. Question is, are more maps in the episode format actually preferable to the "hubisode"?

What do you expect from a Quake episode?

What's the ideal length of an episode? Ideal format? Ideal progs?

Should we see solo episodes, or more joint efforts?

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Considering how many maps each "jam" has, it shouldn't be hard to organize a few episode jams. Ones that actually get finished, that is.
Maybe with some guidelines to be laid out beforehand, like how the theme and progression is supposed to be, e.g. base -> terrain -> castle -> dungeon -> hell - and then people can claim a spot like they sometimes do in Doom megawad projects. Of course all in a way that avoids getting carried away too much (perhaps something like <100 monsters / 10 minutes playtime / 4096 size limit etc.)

I wouldn't even mind some mini episodes like RPGSMSE. 
Yeah, The Terracotta Ep Using Progs_dump Is Gonna Happen At Some Point 
But before that happens, I'll play around with the 1.0 version and possibly release 1 or 2 maps whilst waiting for the new version, which will include lots of new goodies I'll gladly use in the episode (like breakables, yum-yum).

One thing is for sure, my sm186 map will be making it's reappearance in the episode as full-fledged map. 
Huh, what a coincidence. I have plans for a 2-3 map unit in the works. 
Episodes definitely have a charm to them, and I'm all for seeing more episode releases in 2019. I enjoy the linear power progression and getting to start maps with more than the SSG. For that kind of progression 3-6 maps works. I've been working on an episode too. 
3 Months Later... 
How's this going? 
Well you can at least expect a single map release from me. It was a map intended for the episode I mentioned but it ended up not really fitting in the progression I had planned. I know there's kind of a glut of largish single maps but w/e. I still want to release an episode but unfortunately I only have so much time... 
Crossing my fingers for Newhouse's blue ep atleast. 
Well We Did Get UDOB 
The year of one episode 
Mini-eps Count? 
Here's a good mini from a few months back: 
This mini worth bigger 
Don't forget "Coffee Quake". Four episodes with 74 levels: 
Valid Points On Both 
Worthy entries indeed. 
How About 
2020 the year of the Quoth SP 
2020 The Year Of Stairs 
*snickers at his inside joke and runs away

You'll understand someday...I just hope 2020 is right. 
Our friend Ken said that he has something planned for January, but that's all I know. 
I might possibly, maybe, potentially release a map.... I hope. 
What i want to see in 2020?

people making custom maps and mods for Wrath.

we. need. more. wrath. 
Wrath Maps 
I have quite a few ideas for Wrath maps but we'll have to see how the final weapon and enemy balancing comes into play. I have some stuff I made that might not make it into the game, I might be able to salvage it. :) 
I’ll Probably Open Up Trenchbroom 
Then close it again after 7 or 8 minutes 
Qmaster, you have something in store for the Keep Mod? 
"I have some stuff I made that might not make it into the game, I might be able to salvage it."

You should wait before release it. If the game sells a lot and 3D Realms decides to make a mission-pack/DLC maybe you can put these stuff in there :) 
Yesh. Among other things 
Nice, make sure you incorporate the chasm monsters into keep after madfox is done. 
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