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Q1SP: Blackened Call
First release.
Some replayability.
In the end, it's just stuff I practiced mapping with sewn together.

Excellent First Map! 
Lovely visuals, good level structure, and some mysteries that I am curious about solving :)

Here are some demos. I started a second run in skill 3 before realizing difficulty wasn't implemented, and then I died in the lava anyhow

Only critique is that ammo was a tad scarce and health was over-generous for my playstyle. Anyhow, hope to see more maps from you in the future! 
Died Few Times ) 
Neat Map 
Bit simple in room design, but nice consistent style and good build quality - a great basis for further maps. Gameplay was fine, a bit straightforward but fair and fun. 
Nice map, good clean style and visuals and I enjoyed playing it even though it was a little easy on skill 2. Looking forward to more. 
liked this one, especially lighting/shape of the rocks in lava 
Thanks for all the demos and feedback! 
Great Map, But Too Small 
Cool one. Too short to play. 
Fantastic Debut Map 
Clean construction, cleverly set-up secrets and just the right size/length. 
Congrats On Your First Release! 
Very Nice For First Map 
Map of medium size. Gently done. I played skill 1. There were no problems with ammunition. Monsters were also not very aggressive. Overall I liked 
haven't played a gentle quake map in a while.
Definitely prefer those to Texas Style. 
Missing Wall Brush 
Digs found one. :O 
Finally got to play this one, here's my playthrough with commentary:


Solid work! 
Nice Map 
For a first release this is a really good map. I liked the lava theme, and the outdoor area looked great. A really good sized map.

Playthrough -> 
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