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The Refinery - Arcane Dimensions Singleplayer!

Shadesmaster pulls out all the stops as you traverse an overrun base, rife with pummeling adversaries and punishing obstacles. Intended to be the first level of a potential AD episode, you'll enjoy cool the lighting effects and wraparound layouts before you.
Pulls out all the stops with the 3rd person news item ;).

If I don't enjoy cool the lighting, do I get a refund?? 
Slick map. Felt very Doom like in layout and visuals.

I think the real question everyone here is wondering is:
Can one wear shades while playing Quake?

I've Failed 

skill 1 because AD really tests me lately.
Some good stuff going on in this, some real nice parts, and some parts that are pretty Nooby, which also isn't necessarily a bad thing. How old are you shadesmaster? This feels like a skilled teenager's first map.
Agree about Doom vibez. Went and deleted lit file and now it looks much better hahaha! Books were weird as fuck. 
Purposeful Design - On Purpose 
I'm 34, actually! And am every bit a Shadesman in real life lmao.

There were a few 'genks' in the level, for sure - that was by design to ramp up the difficulty a bit (hopefully not artificially). The slime enforcers by the armor, the shambler at the end, arguably the duo of Seekers in the startan room, and other 'in your face' encounters I'm aware are an acquired taste.

(Anything else nebwish tho I could always scrap, I map alot but for many games and intend to focus on Quake more moving forward). I'm partial personally to the lighting, too - diff-rent strokes diff-rent folks I guess but I'm glad you still liked the map.

This map is serious in look, but tongue-in-cheeck in attitude - and had callbacks to Doom on purpose of course. I want the tone to stand out from other Quake maps, but still be Quake.

One TOUGH secret? When you extend the platforms to get the gold key, look for the metal pipe - use the ramp to jump HIGH, strafe left than turn right to achieve air control to get to the far plat, than subsequently the quad damage.

I'll be watching the latest demos tonight, so if I make this into a whole episode I could always go back and make slight changes / additions to this guy in the future as well! 
Loved It. 
Really cool map! I got a huge Quake 2 feeling at the outside area with the water! Nice o>

Playthrough -> 
Nice map. Really liked the hectic gameplay. The trick jump secret is really hard, so hard in fact that I didn't think it was the intended way at first. 
Great Stuff! 
I really enjoyed it. I liked the allusions to Doom and the lighting was nice. I love the books but I'm not really a fan of the humour (I like my Quake 'emo':P).

I found some of the jumping a bit demanding but that's mainly because I suck.

Overall, I really liked it and hope that you make more in a similar vein. 
Want To Clarify 
I did like this map, it was a strong first effort! 
Thanks Everyone! 
More is coming, due to demand! I have some original ideas for something 'different' for a start map. And with the constructive crit I've received, expect a better version of this map to be in the episode. I'll try to be clever and expand it in a way that keeps .dem files compatible as well. But expect a Doom "Warrens" situation where there's more to it, to keep it fresh. And better use of the books (perhaps with a new PDA model) with proper backstory.

I wonder if I should have two or three base maps b4 the ancient stuff, like Hipnotic, or keep it at this one. Either way it'll turn into a 'mod within a mod' with some missing Hipnotic content / Quake 1.5 baddies, so what I mention is still a month or so away at the very least!

As always, watching playthroughs is always invaluable as well for improvements in mapping. Thanks, everyone. 8) 
Bal had quite a fun time with this map, he streamed it yesterday, and died quite a few times. Watch his play-through here: 
If Shadesmaster had spent less time writing 3rd person hyperbole and more time balancing the gameplay and adding some much needed contrast and refinement to the cool the lighting effects, this would have been much better.

The design is nice, if pretty Doomy and a bit cramped in places, and the intertwining layout is definitely good. Lighting was okay but a bit bright and cheerful for the aesthetic. Gameplay was just a bit too gruelling, it needed more health and ammo, although the escalation through the map was okay. 
This was neat. I enjoyed the use of doom textures here and there. The gameplay was also pretty doomy in my opinion, not that it's a bad thing. Here's my playthrough
great map, I hope an episode gets released! 
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