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SM192: Rooftops
In honor of SM92: Rooftops from 2004 which ended with 0 maps.

6 vertigo-inducing mappettes from:
- digs
- Ing-ing
- ionous
- ish
- Naitelveni
- Pinchy

Going To Be Playing Through This In Fifteen Minutes Or So 
Come On, Preview Pictures, Cocks... 
Give us some erection, before we insert our dick in! 
Why the fuck do you care, they're ID1 maps and not AD. 
For Anyone Else: 
GG Will Check Later, And Run It In AD Just In Case. 
The Otp Acting Like A Fucking Polish Police Boss Turd 
Barnak, nevermind the otp
take a breath, and i'll teach you a magic 
Added screenshot 
Thanks Metl! 
Screenshots should be obligatory for any published map/mod/jam/wathever.

And a single screenshot for 6 maps isn't enough. This is a theme jam, then there should be a poster of some sort. Fuck you otp. 
This is a theme jam

No it's a speedmap pack. 
Screenshots should be obligatory for any published map/mod/jam/wathever.

digs, ionous, nait - ain't these names not enough for your pleasure to trust 
I Like The Screenshot 
cool theme idea too. 
Make A Dlc! 
I streamed the pack yesterday evening. Played them in order, VOD is here :

I almost didn't play this pack cause there was no screenshot!
Really good pack overall, I especially liked Digs' map (solid gameplay + jumping vore), Nait's (gorgeous) and Pinchy's (cool setting and open layout). 
Very Cool Pack. 
I agree exactly with bal above, not much more to add. Not a fan of non-quakey styles usually, but Pinchy did a good job of re-creating Deus Ex :) 
Finally got around to playing these. Really enjoyed them! SM192 Playlist 
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