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New ADSP: 37th Relic Retrieval By Hardcore Mazu
In the words of Hardcore Mazu:

This is probably really weird style to make a map in Quake and my brushwork + detailing is almost whatever quality and all over the place. Being visually artistic about stuff has never been my strong trait. I feel like I'm in the 90s again with this, but that is ok, it is still something.

925 kills and 37 secrets on hard difficulty. The map is huge. Average time for me to 100% clear it is around 70 minutes.

Map has been tested for several times. I'm in weird place with this map as I kind of want to fix things, but I just can't bring myself to make any more changes to it. So, unfortunately I can't decide what to do with it right now. Guess you can just say it is as ready as it gets.


Video promo:
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Cool! ... Downloading 
925 kills???

it's like a full mission pack made as a single map o_O 
Looks pretty good in that video! 
Now, Borderland Can Go Fuck Itself! 
This map is H U G E !

About 1000 monsters and almost 40 secrets!? Now THAT's a SM Mapjam for Quake!

Really, Borderland and the likes, go fuck yourself. Quake rules your ass! 
Outdoors Area Was My Favorite 
Here's a 100% nightmare run: 
10 minutes in...
I am stunned. 
Take that borderlands 
About Finished The First Time Through 
Recently got in to AD and much of the campaign has been simply amazing. So I played through this. Short six secrets and about 21 kills (and WAY more than 70 minutes...) but I think I'll wrap it up and then play it again. In three or so places I had to temporarily use godmode due to no ammo and the fact that there's no "ranged" weapon in the game that doesn't need ammo, plus the messages in the books could use copy-editing. Nothing more at all to fault--this level is awesome. All the packs dropped by enemies and in the brown boxes was the way to go about it, rather than things always being left out in the open. And stupidity factor was avoided by wisely having things like wetsuits and environment suits respawn, so there's no absolute limit on exploring the underwater areas.

More, please. :) 
I almost didn't download it because of the negative description, but I'm glad I did it anway.
You kind of expect a crap map with tons of mob spamming, but instead get one of the highlight maps in a good while.
The underwater bit was awesome and the first time I didn't hate swimming in Quake, even though I got smashed a couple of times.
Sure it may not be as pretty as some of the other AD base maps, but it gets away with it because it's a base map if that makes sense.
Solid 9/10 probably 9,5 if it had the looks of AD_crucial and AD_Tfuma. 
Do You Like Rubicon / RRP? 
It's wery close to Rubicon/RRP hits, just simple in ik_base skin. Very nice. 
Holy Hell, An Incredible Map! 
Reminds me of Redfield's "Paradise Sickness" or Andrew "than" Palmer's "Subterranean Library." Excellent stuff. 
Now that is some 'kin Quake map! 
Best Map Of The Year 
... until now.

Really impressive map. It well deserves to be in the AD maps. The equivalent of Forgetten Sepulter but for science fciotn base for me.
Remind me a little bit RMQuake maps.
And the plot was nice, as I was surprised by the end :) 
You played this yet? 
Busy etc. Might do soon. 
Love this map!
Action, action, riddles, action.
This map never gets boring and the design is really impressive.
A lot of fun and a lot to lurn for mapping.
Got Some System Shock 1 Vibes 
and that's in a good way :) Great map! 
I played through this one in a single sitting. I really enjoyed it. Some thoughts:

How would the experience have been better if this map was split into 3-4 separate maps?

I think the enemy density was a bit too high, felt grindy at times.

For me, the highlight was riding the antenna up to the outside area.

Overall, this was a tremendous effort and a must play. Here's my Video Playthrough. Great work! 
I think the link is wrong there jcr! 
Argh, thanks for pointing it out- here it is:

Video Playthrough 
Thank You All For The Feedback 
Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone for giving this map a shot and to tell you that I had fun watching playthroughs of it.

Map could have been a bit more compact and less filling, but splitting it apart while being so nonlinear would be very difficult. Or at least it would take a lot more effort to do the split properly. I wanted it to feel like an adventure of madness.

Mapping for Quake 1 is something I just picked up recently to try it out, but I will try to make more for it in the near future.

Thanks again for responses! 
please shoot me an email (in my profile)

We would like to have you as a guest on the Quakecast. 
Tried This Briefly. 
Seemed pretty good so far, strong theme and some proper designs, ammo seemed a bit sparse on the route I went. I....will leave it until I am more in the mood for a 1000 monster multi-hour map tho. 
About halfway through (I'm tackling over multiple play sessions; I can't marathon game like I used to) and so far I'm loving it. The difficulty is just about perfect on skill 2. Quite dense at times but I like it that way. Monsters are very intelligently respawned when you revisit certain areas. Exploring and fighting through the outside area was especially fun and chaotic. Looking forward to completing this one. 
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