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The Lost Tomb Released!
Hey all -

I posted this over in Screenshots & Betas but was told by Mr. dumptruck that I should do a News post to make it legit. My first map (The Lost Tomb) after being away for 20 years is ready to go. I've posted it to Quaketastic:

Here are a handful of shots:

Hope you dig it!
Welcome back to Quake! Fun vanilla feeling to the map. Looking forward to see you make more :)

Here's a demo for ya 
Nice first(after 20 years) map. Here is another demo.

Also if you are gonna release beta maps i recommend you that you give them a temporal name like "losttomb_b1" or something like that to have things more organized. 
Thanks Mclogenog! I'll download and check it out!
Thanks Nolcoz (and thanks again for helping playtest). I'll check out this demo as well. Yep, that totally makes sense to have temp names for playtests. I'll do that moving forward. Thanks dude. 
Whoa, That's A Lot Of Secrets! 
Nice map, although it has an old-school feel I saw some nice original designs. Got stuck on some geometry in the first room by the water, but it's not a deal breaker. Nice work! 
This Is A Good 
I didn't record a demo but I did a playthrough and thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Could maybe used a bit more texture variation but overall this is a SOLID and fun map which plays like classic ID but with more secrets (and some which are fairly fleshed out too.)
Thanks for releasing this! 
Thanks a bunch, maiden and Drew! Naturally, I've seen a couple of small issues since release but oh well! Things to think about next time, I guess! :D 
Tight mapping and a great classic feeling, I liked it very much! 
Cool Map 
I like classic-feeling maps, and this one delivered. But beyond that, the vibe was cool, too; it was fun to explore this sunken tomb, and the little details (the flooded, multi-storey catacombs, the broken walls) made it feel like a lived-in place.
I'm curious, though, you said that this was your first map in 20 years? I searched ZQ on Quaddicted and the Quake Injector, but I didn't find anything else under that name. What are your older maps? 
Cool map, with fun secrets, fair but challenging encounters, and large water areas that's fun to go through.

Lots of obvious inspirations, but tastefully assembled with cohesion and novelty.

It would look much better with lit water, though. 
Proper First Map. 
Just how it should be. Sensible size, sensible theme, sensible build quality. Not too big, not too over-ambitious, not too weird. A nice spin on it with all the coffins and some ruined bits, and steady gameplay with a fun ending. Secrets were nice and involving too. Things to improve would be having more of your own architectural style, a bit more tactical gameplay, and some stronger contrast in the lighting.

Gameplay in the first part here: 
Thanks Y'all! 
Appreciate the playthroughs and the feedback! Great stream as well, Shambler! :)

Renunciant - I never posted any of my maps publicly because I didn't have confidence in them (and they really weren't good), so anything I did back in the day are all lost to time. That's okay, I didn't know what the hell I was doing back then and I only marginally know today. :) 
Nice Map 
Short but very enjoyable. I really like the classic feel especially based around E1M2 since that's one of my favourite vanilla maps. Found 4/8 secrets on first playthrough. 
This was a real treat to play. Highly recommend this one. 
Thanks all! Mucho appreciated. It's been tons of fun getting back into this.

Not sure why it's not showing up on Quaddicted yet. I sent it off to Spirit and he said that it was uploaded but looks like it hasn't populated to the page yet. Does it tend to take a few days before it goes live? 
Good Stuff 
Well, seems I haven't posted in years! Nor have I played Quake much in years until very recently, so it's nice to have some new maps like this to try out.

I was bummed when I went to normal/skill 1 and there were no more monsters than on easy.
With the amount of ammo + all the secrets, you could easily add more monsters with the higher difficulty levels to add more of a challenge and it would still be pretty fair.
That's my only real criticism of this.
A solid classic style map, well done! 
Good feedback! Yeah, I didn't do anything with difficulty. It was more about learning Trenchbroom and getting re-acclimated to the engine. I'll look at that for the next map! 
Neat map, here's my playthrough with comments. I pretty much agree that it's the ideal "first map". Looking forward to more from you! 
nice and sweet 
First Map? 
For a first map, this is really well done. I loved it overall, very classic feel to it. Took me too long to finish it, though. I'm slow like that.
Playthrough (with Polish commentary): 
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