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New Q1SP Mod: Green Demon Challenge
The Green Demon follows. It never tires. And you cannot kill it. Your only hope is to stay ahead, as far away from it as you can.


This is a lightweight singleplayer mod inspired by JP LeBreton's Doom mod, which was inspired by the "Green Demon Challenge" in the Mario 64 speedrunning community.

There is also a 3-Strikes-and-you're-out mode to help with more complex levels.

Download here:
Demon Not Green?? 
1/10 wnb. 
and in the Mario 64 rom hacks, it's purple :D

Anyhow, for another mod that adds a new challenge to the vanilla experience, there's Slipgate Minute, which JCR played through recently! 
This is pretty cool.
|Would make a nice speedmap theme 
Sorry But 
The centerprint timer is the reason I can't enjoy either of these mods. WOuld be nice to disable it and only use a sound cue for the Demon.

I'm thinking of replacing it with a generic "bar" that depletes as the demon approaches. This would be lower down on the screen. Would that work better for you? (I'm less confident in my qc abilities to add an option to disable / enable it altogether.) 
I Think That Would Be Great 
Here's a new version with adjusted UI. It also gives an option to disable the UI altogether!

I tried this out, check my playthrough. I think it's pretty true to the Doom version and others. Nice work! 
Fixed all of the known bugs and made some gameplay improvements, so here's a new (hopefully final!) version to download!

- 3-strike version is now the default and 1-life is opt-in hardmode.
- Adjusted the green demon speeds to be a little easier.
- Added bonus damage and damage resistance based on proximity to the demon!
- Fixed the death camera bugs
- Fixed the chunky behavior on moving platforms

Thanks everybody who has played, offered feedback, or helped me sort out the bugs :) 
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