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Q1SP: A Quick One Before Azathoth Devours Fodrian
Originally started as an entry for Quoffee's fourth episode which featured an Elder World theme. I went over the two hour limit and decided to polish and release the map. It's an id1-sized Knave map that should take you about 5 to 10 minutes. Don't expect a masterpiece.

Sources are included.


Excpecting A Masterpiece Here 
Don't let me down skackster 
That Definitive Knave Elder World Theme ;) 
GG, will play soon. 
Please do expect another masterpiece demo though: 
Pretty Good Map 
It would have been hard to make this in under 2 hours, I tried to do it myself but honestly it's not enough time. 
Loved It! 
The library theme is really well done and the weapon/ammo and enemy placement is quite balanced. I finished the map without taking damage in 7:18 (skill 1). One of my favorite single releases so far! 
Yep, A Very Nice One 
impressive even.
Finished in under 10 minutes, took some damage but not much on skill 2.
Knave theme rocks. 
downloading now 
Nice One 
more non masterpieces pls skacky! 
Didn't read the description since it's made by Skacky so I'm sure it's a high quality map 
Hey this was a fun one- here's a playthrough
Looks like this one will satisfy my knave sweet tooth when I get round-two-it. 
Cool Map. 
Nice and simple, strong style and theme, just a proper fun slice of Quake. I quite liked the underlift secret that there was absolutely no way whatsoever to know it was there. A neat trick. Combat was good but with some of the open rooms I might have preferred a bit more carnage, maybe an earlier GL. 
Loved The Atmosphere. 
That monumental library... Very cool. Oozes magic. I love these majestic gothic interiors. Gameplay itself was flawless too. Thank you, skacky. I'd like to see more of these "non-masterpieces" in future.
My playthrough (with Polish commentary): 
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