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"Toxic Quake Community" Amnesty And Apology Thread.
Warning: This is a positive resolution / solution thread, not a beef thread. You wanna beef, go elsewhere.

It has come to my attention that there are occasional accusations of the Quake community having some negative social aspects. Indeed in the words of rebb (compiler coder) in 2018:

I have known the Quake community for a very long time as one of the most toxic and narcissistic creative communities.
For a moment in time things appeared to have improved, but it turned out to be little more than naive wishful thinking.

Between all it's newfound glory, hyperdetailed maps and "god mappers" still sits the same deep prideful arrogance and highly toxic nature that has most likely been there since the very beginning.
It is a cold and self-obsessed place.

Strong words (which I personally entirely disagree with as someone who has been in the scene from Day 1, both as a player AND contributor). Unfortunately he doesn't specify what actually happened nor who he is referring to. And it's hard to have sympathy without actually understanding what's going on, and it's hard to make progress from that without having some clarity and openness.

IF there is any such "toxicity" in the Quake scene, then I think it needs to be made explicit what the problems are, who has been "toxic", and whether such behaviour is explicable, redeemable, or even simply a misunderstanding of casual behaviour, as per the wise words of Kinn (sometime mapper):

ok, here it goes - there is a lot of really obvious playful pisstaking in this community which is good.
as a man of this sceptred isle, a man of rosy-cheeked chappery and good-humoured banter, I welcome the very obvious joking around and tomfoolery
but perhaps a lot of people don't "get it" - perhaps it's down to cultural differences, or perhaps some even are "on the spectrum" as it were, and struggle to differentiate a malicious comment from an obvious mickey-take


This is not to start arguments or flame wars. This is to CLEAR THOSE UP by explaining what is going on discussing calmly, apologising if needed. There's no point moaning about toxicity and not trying to sort it out, so...
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I've left that one up since it had some content.

Yes there are jokes and banter and piss-taking on discord. There are some on here too. Conversely, if someone goes on a pointless shitposting rampage on discord they'd get that moderated too (although the guidelines for a forum and a chat channel are different due to the different speeds of interaction). 
Yeah the year old post partly triggered it. Other than that, I dunno. People have occasionally mentioned it on here I'm sure. Sometimes people quote stuff from elsewhere like reddit. It's just sunk into my mind that the community sometimes gets called toxic, and based on that I thought it was worth looking at, it's genuinely nothing more sinister than that, and nothing to be suspicious about. In fact it seems that maybe I've overestimated the "accusation" against the community *shrug*. 
I'm positive most critiques are in reaction to a couple of specific people here, not the community as a whole. As far as reddit, I posted there recently and linked back to this thread in case people wanted to add their experiencesor opinions. Every (legitimate) response I read there was very positive toward func. Which is cause for celebration! 
The 'sjws' Guy Who Replied There 
no beef with you if that's how it was interpreted. 
What is this bullshit? (I'm referring to the quote in your OP, not your own thoughts.)

Counterpoint: like I said in general, I just jumped on some random Quake twitch stream, had dudes talking to me and sending me maps, they added me to their Quake discord, and we got matches scheduled and everything.

It all seemed pretty friendly and happy to me.

Disclaimer, I have none of the background on this, nor did I read anything beyond your first post, Shambler. All I'm saying is, SOUNDS LIKE BULLSHIT! 
Whoever Is Running The Quake_txt Twitter Account Has Blocked Me 
Can that person explain why? I assume he is here or checking this place. I really want to know what I did to offend him so much he blocked me on Twitter. 
I don't think it's the quake community really, it's just OTP and Shambler. 
Onetruepruple runs Quake_txt 
Well since that's said as an anon and someone who doesn't care to post specific examples nor obviously pay attention to my general posting etc within the scene, I'll take that as both a complete lie and typical anon trolling. 
So If That Is True 
Then please explain yourself, OneTruePurple. I would really like an explanation. 
The Humour Is Lost In Text 
I think this is the biggest problem. The banter, piss taking etc is fine when you hear it in the quakecast interviews (or the very rare occasion I got to play vermintide with shambler).

But on the forum the tone of the japes is lost and all you get is butthurt instead. The most bantery people here are OTP and Shambler and this may be why they get mentioned specifically moreso than anyone else. 
Anyone got a problem with Shambler, send them to me. I'll sort 'em out. What the fuck, people. 
Yes I Have A Problem 
With Shamblers. They’re too damn hard and you can’t ever get the good guns before facing them 😠 
But they're so cute and fuzzy! 
Yo whats up? 100th post 
Do The Shambler Dance 
it's the only way 
What 5th Said 
The "quake.txt" twitter is lame because it's just a butthurt boomer's personal account, not a light-hearted meme account like people would expect from a ".txt" account. Nobody wants to follow something for memes and then get blocked for disagreeing about Dusk or something. 
Warning: This is a positive resolution / solution thread, not a beef thread. You wanna beef, go elsewhere. 
Anti-spam Re-bump. 
My Post Didn't Age Well 
I guess the shambler dance is now cancelled post-copper release. :( 
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