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Quake Speedmapping Pack 198: 768 ^ 2
Quake Speedmapping Pack 198: 768 ^ 2

Sixteen levels built within a 768 x 768 xy plane constraint for your Quaking amusement.

The lineup:

A Place in Between by Fairweather (Start Map)
The Trap by Artistical
Lysetania by Elithium
Groaning Steel by Fairweather
Wooly Wizard's Rise by Fairweather (Secret Map)
Vanilla Tea by Giftmacher
Schloss Verde by Greenwood
Not a Cave by Ing
Desquamation by Ionous
Sandtrap by MortalMaxx
The Laser Pit by Nolcoz
Tower of Tomes by Pinchy Skree
Theme Strata by Qmaster
Operation: Deep Dig by The Solipsist
Drop Zone by Zerosignal
Downfire by Zungryware
Man in the Box by Mugwump


Download it here:
Bumping This Thread 
due to spam 
Good Effort That's A Lot Of Maps. 
Not playing much atm but gg etc. 
some of these look great, esp the q3lun doom textured one - always a sucker for those when done competently

I feel like Shambler though in that I'm currently overwhelmed by the amount of decent-great content coming out. I love speedmaps and etc but theres so many I still haven't played!!!

I suck at providing demos or in depth feedback, honestly, so no big loss for you guys hahaha 
Played through the map pack in two streams.

Part 1:
(Artistical, Elithium, Fairweather2, Giftmacher, Greenwood, Ing, Zungryware, MortalMaxx)

Part 2:
(Nolcoz, Pinchy Skree, Qmaster, The Solipsist, Zerosignal, Mugwump, Fairweather, Ionous)

Fun stuff, and great variety as a whole pack! Especially liked the gameplay dynamic in MortalMaxx's level and Zungryware's level.

Also was happy to see some first-time Q1 mappers with some great works. Congrats everybody! :) 
God Dammit. 
these are great! 
Really satisfying overall

Pleased with the variety of ideas and visuals here 
Quick Plays 
Here's my full stream compiled into a single video. Overall I really thought that the variety this pack offered was interesting.

PS I would've liked if Artistical's map was longer! 
Why This Maps Dont Have Feadbeck 
Guys, last speedmap packs becomes better and batter. It's wery good. You are talented mappers.
You prove it with each map pack again and again.
But why this maps dont have feadbeck, because they are at least great? But on the other hand, your last work becomes smaller and smaller (Honey - little (good maps), 198: 768 ^ 2(best maps), Coffee Quake - tiny maps, where there is couple nice maps). People play it for one time and forget it like tamagochi (you forget what it was too) May be stop reduce technical process, better leave it for Intel, and make something great, bigger and butifull. I know, You are capable of it. 
I'm glad you enjoyed SM198 so much, especially because I was a first time publisher in it (I use a different alias there, obviously).

About the lack of feedback, a lot of the criticism and playthrough streams and responses are shared through Dumptruck's Quake Mapping Discord, especially in the speedmapping/streaming channels.

It's probably drawing away traffic from every other platform because it provides instant updates, especially if you have the app on your smartphone. 
There Are Other Reasons 
I think there are some additional reasons why there is less feedback right now. Mainly because it's summer and more than a few regulars are on holiday. Also there are a ton of releases this year. I for one am WAY behind on the releases this year. 
I wish I had left more feedback on this at the time. There's some cool work here. I was reminded of this when someone (Skacky?) posted a recommendation for Zero's map, which I didn't get to just because I had been working through them in alphabetical order. :-)

I went back to try Zero's just now, and it is raaaaad. 
Don't Feel Bad 
I missed this one entirely! 
How do you miss a mappack that is part of the only long-running consecutively numbered series for your favourite game Quake. They are numbered in order! If you skipped to 199 after playing 197 then with some impressive deductive skills you can deduce that 198 would be the next one to play! Honestly, I've a right mind to complain to the government. 
Not Literally 
I knew about it. I just never downloaded and played it. I've actually checked func nearly every day since 2015.

Granted I kill a lot of brain cells on a regular basis. 
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