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Q1 SP Pack: HUH: A /vr/ Mapping Project
After the release of Quofee a challenge was proposed in the depths of /vr/: Why don't we try making our own mapset?
So anons rose to the occasion, these are 11 maps made by mostly first time mappers for your pain and pleasure, please be gentle.

Map authors: DiamondBlack (2)- Readhead ITA (1)- ASO3000 (2)- Sobersamson (1)- Streaky (1)- Anon (Ranger)- David (1)- Sockstah (1)- DocDuodenum
Start map courtesy of ZungryWare.
Oranizer: My cousin Futz Handango.


NM playthrough Demos 
Previews! Poster!? 
Post some pictures! 
My Demos: 
Hi folks! organizer here, sadly I was not the one who submitted the news post so I can't edit the OP with a link to some screenshots, but here they are:

Thank you so much for the demos, this project was an almost completely amateur endeavor so I'm sure they will be of use to the people who participated, it was an interesting journey beset with all sorts of unexpected setbacks, but I'm glad we finally got there.
If you have any questions fire away. 
Nice work on the pack and corralling a whole new batch of mappers. I've only played the first map but looking forward to finishing the whole thing. Congrats. 
Got started on this last night...

I appreciate the option to play through the maps in a chain rather than having to coming back to the hub world each time. It's a small thing, but it's nice just to keep the ball rolling. Especially with short maps.

Anyway, it's fun to get stuck into this and see what a bunch of new folks are trying out. There's obviously lots of critiques that could apply; I think I'll hold off on posting that for now? Let's see what the remainder are like. Some good sense of progression and adventure so far though.

BTW if you do want some play-by-play commentary I think JCR's youtube channel is good for that, and he's going through these maps. 
Another Playthrough: 
Pretty fun maps for a first try, keep at it. 
Greetings to all the newcomers. Here's my HUH Playlist! Keep 'em coming! 
I'm just discovering this a month after it was released... Streaky's map is excellent, with an intricate layout, nice custom textures, and a Quake-meets-Tomb Raider vibe. I also liked both of ASO3000's maps. The other maps are mostly smaller and simpler, but several of them have a nice old-school atmosphere. It's great to see new mappers on the Quake scene. 
(added the screenshot link to the OP) 
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