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Q1SP: Sewer Jam Released!
11 mappers answered the challenge to make some good sewer levels for Quake, and each mapper added their own devious twist!

The mod is also custom, with a theme-fitting axe replacement by Khreathor. And we have 3 custom music tracks!

Teaser Trailer


Cheers :)
Forgot to mention: special congratulations to Ryan "Arma" Trawick and Axebeard on their first maps for Quake!

Please provide thoughtful feedback so they come back and make more maps :D 
So I sampled some of the maps. It's hard for me to complete any at this point with my index finger scalped, but here's wot I think so far.

MortalMaxx "Urine for a Treat"

I loved level design a lot in this one. Texturing could use some work and some of the decor seemed out of place (runic buttons for example) but it did something I always had trouble wrapping my head around: interconnected parts of the level that open up shortcuts as one progresses. I can't turn right but I did complete this one w/o any secrets found, with 50/55 kills. Great sewer map IMO.

Burnham "Waterdeep Junction"

I liked the idea of a central hub (sort of a machine room I guess) and encounters were competent (except for fiend in a corridor with low ceiling - this never works well for him) but map overall could use some more polish. Texture work and detailing were lacking and additional lighting pass would be nice (columns could use smoother shading).

Steep water wall with a secret was pretty confusing for me to navigate out of but that may just be me (I always get confused in water). Was running out of ammo all the time and ultimately couldn't defeat Shambler at all.

Andrew Yoder "If you could do it all again"

Very good texturing, interesting encounters and, what I feel is typical for Andrew's maps, great use of triggers to mix some puzzles into the core gameplay loop. But I also got lost like with his previous map, so that's thar.

I couldn't find any explosive weapon and zombies became royal PITA very soon. I'm not sure I like the idea of pile drivers to dispatch them given the AI of the zombies. I found lighting in this level to be pretty jarring - everything seemed sterile (it's a sewer too, so...), Q2-like almost, and some of the level design seemed extremely encounter-centric. I probably shouldn't complain about it in Quake but map seemed like it wasn't designed to be used as a sewer but rather designed for Quake gameplay. Hard to explain this, really. :S 
Ubiquitous "Winning the Poo"

I only played this one for a short while but I think I'll like it. The design - both in terms of looks and how one traverses the level - is very unique and I dig it. It has a little bit of RTCW vibe to me but I guess I shouldn't judge by the tiny slice I tried. TBC

Axebeard "Hello from the Gutter"

Architecture and lighting in this one are stunning. I'll savour this map tomorrow but what I've seen today I enjoyed imensly.


Also I don't remember which map was using the prototyping wad (apologies!) but it wasn't actually half bad. I played a lot of defrag in Q3 so I don't mind its state. I didn't like dogs raining from the sky though, that's something that could be avoided. :) 
0 points for effort for that Tom York reference, at least be elegant. 
Who's Tom York? 
Some Playthroughs 
Streamed the first batch:
Went through the maps by Burnham, Pinchy, Greenwood, Ubiquitous, and Trawick this time :) 
Map Of Ubiquitous Is Incredible! 
thank You, Master. 
Dirty Jobs 
A terrific collection of maps from everyone. I know sewer areas in games are usually the low point for many, but these maps are all highlights from start to finish.

The pipe replacement for the axe was great, never seen a weapon so highly detailed. But having recently killed enemies as small solid objects is probably not the best idea as they can block weapon fire and in rare cases, get other monsters stuck on them.

Other than that, high praise to everyone!

First run demos, hard skill: 
map is the one with the white tiles in the middle of the poster pls? thanks 
That one is Ubiquitous's map :) 
I really enjoyed these! Here's my Binge Playthrough check the description for the maplist. 
The quality of this pack is outstanding. I need to replay them, but a couple of these might end up real personal favorites. 
for several hours of fun. great job everyone. please keep 'em coming. i am too cheap to buy new games. and i don't need to when we have great game play coming from quake 1 non-stop! 
Yoder's map: loved the look! Felt maybe a bit too guided? The ambush attack when stepping off the button was pretty great though. And I enjoyed the last fight getting back up to "the surface". Good monster mix that worked with the level geometry/sightlines.

Actually just a general comment about the combat: good use of grunts as a mix-in; they can make your target choice suddenly a lot more interesting since a group of grunts can whittle you down surprisingly quick. 
Oh yeah also big thumbs up to the music track. I'm all aboard the custom music bandwagon. 
There is something extraordinary about this Quake Sewer Jam. But for a long time I wanted to propose to analyze this "The Altar of Storms" here:
This Quake Sewer Jam really did cover something missing. I think he read my thoughts. I would like to know how much you like this "The Altar of Storms". I think it would be sad to be the only one of its kind. 
If there was a devkit for "Altar of Storms" there would be at least a few packs with the theme. Many people love it. Me included. May some day someone can reverse engineer the mod and make a devkit. :qthink: 
That Would Be Cool 
such a great unique mapset, even just the fast zombies would make for a super fun jam/ speedmap theme 
I knew I had played some of these but not finished the pack, so I dipped back in tonight and tried Axebeard's map. Holy moly -- I mean there's undoubtedly other good stuff in here that I don't remember off the top of my head or haven't played yet -- but this one is worth the price of admission all by itself. The progression is like a Thief level, or a D&D module. Just a great adventure.

Cool use of light and shadow as well, really selling the feeling of lurking in the shadows trying to break into the fort. And top use of the mod's water features. 
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