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Q1SP: Barbican Of Hell
After quite sometime of waiting for it to get uploaded to quaddicted, I think I'm going to release it here.

Small Q1 SP map that may be a bit too easy, but I think it's still worth a try. 40/43/47 monsters, 5 secrets. Has only been tested in Quakespasm, but should run in other modern engines too. The wpoly count and colored lighting may prevent it from running on older engines though, so be prepared. All needed info should be in the readme.

The map:

Only one Screenshot (I'll do more for my future maps, sorry for that).

P.S. I hope I haven't screwed anything up here haha, first time posting anything in this place.
Forgot One Thing... 
The monster count is actually 35/42/55. All the info is in the readme, though there's a few rough parts in there. Anyway, sorry in advance, I'll do better next time. 
I Was Doing Pretty Good Until... 
...I jumped into that small room with that vore at the top and I had nowhere to go. It made me rage quit, but mostly because I was recording a demo for you and hadn't saved!

From what I saw (about 3/4 of it), it looks pretty nice, liked a polished "old school" map. I am going to go back and try it again. It's very cleanly put together! Good job. Oh, I found one secret so far: the mega-health. 
Shot Looks Great! 
very pure 
I'm very glad people actually like it. But if you notice something bad, write it here.

Greenwood: that's a terrible place for a vore, I know. Will try to provide at least some cover next time. 
Another Forgotten Thing 
On skill 2 the door that guards the runic pillar seems to request a gold key. Don't be fooled by that, it's opened with a button. And yeah, I have no idea why I have made it difficulty dependent too. 
Stream Time 
Both this and Dismal Signal. Starts in 30 minutes. 
Here Is A Demo 
skill 2
died a few times

map looked good, I liked it 
Cool map! Missed one secret!
Playthrough -> 
Very enjoyable overall. It's nice to get a solid classic themed map in from time to time. Here's my playthrough! I had to go back to see the changes the different difficulties made, and I'll say it's a clever idea if not a bit underappreciated since most people (me) play hard all the time. 
i registered just now, after years, to write ITS A GOOD MAP. 
Great map. It feels like a lost map from episode 3 of the original game. The textures, layout, and secrets are all nice. My only criticism--and it's more personal taste than anything else--is that there's a large wooden door in the middle of the map that really doesn't fit the metal aesthetic you use everywhere else. 
Great little map. Didn't find a single secret, but that's just me and gives me a reason to replay it. Hope to see more maps from you! 
OK, replaying it I found 3 secrets. Two were really neat. 
5/5 secrets now, which also gave the last kill, which eluded me. Sorry for spam, will stop now. Nice little map as said. 
this was a fun small sized map. great use of backtracking with re-population of the areas and alternate ins and outs. i found only half the secrets (megahealth, thunderbolt, rocketlauncher). but i also found the sky area in the exit room has a hall of mirror area, i rocketjumped up there as i saw angles and space so i thought it was a secret. i enjoyed the setting of a runic temple/fortress etched and forged into a crag above lava. 
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