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Quake Desert Island Disks.
Nearly 10 years ago, ijed asked this question:

If you were stuck on an island with no internet connection, what would be the three maps you'd want on on your hard-drive?

I thought it may be interesting to revisit this, after 10 years and 500+ new Q1SPs since.

Did Ijed get off the island? 
None Of OTP's Maps 
Certainly the ad mod and its Sepulcher map. Forever. 
Sepulchre, Rubicon Rumble, 
and a connection to #terrsafusion discord. 
hard drives are huge and could contain all maps :)

how about... you found an ancient 64mb thumb drive in your basement. The label on the side says "best quake mapz" ... what is the best collection of maps and mods that would fill that limited space? 
Quake? Lol 
A few weeks in and all you're gonna be thinking is "why the fuck didn't I fill it with porn?" 
Quake IS Porn, Fool! 
Okay Since I Have To Pick 3 Maps. 
Map About Looking For A Map... 
This maybe a good pretext to design a Quake map on an isolated island, looking for an hidden USB key that contains an awesome map on it. 

Not necessarily epics, but maps with multiple routes that remain fun after repeated plays due to the number of ways they can be played. 
Lol Me Too 
Hip2m2 Black Cathedral (absolutely the best from the original+mispacks)
twighlight - <error does not exist yet> 
Warpb, Warpc, Warpd 
and incidentally, quoth+warp take up about 64 megs when compressed 
is a good keyword, i did actualy work on a lost island map a few years ago.
Was for DarkPlaces though.

If i had the choice, the names of my favourite maps would be Radiant and Photoshop, substitutes will do as well.
Endless hours of fun guaranteed :P 
Temporarily Back From The Island 
Kinn: You're only prepared to sacrifice 3 Quake map's worth of HDD that could be filled with porn. The rest IS porn, obviously.

- koohoo
- apsp2
- marcher 
I'd Probably Dump 
Some more porn to include moonlite.bsp 
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