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January Jump Jam™
Behold, January Jump Jam™! Using Jump Mod progs, you are hereby challenged to making a unique Quake map that takes advantage of the new jump boots items.

Mod and Assets:
Check out my Triune Discovery + Jumpmod + Devkit which features maps, the mod, a devkit and sources for those maps.

I’m thinking this can run from now until January 19th 2020.
Countdown Timer

This should give everyone time to figure out how to best use the jumps. I will whip up a start map, so let me know if you’re in.

Email completed maps or any questions to or send me a message on Discord @ JCR#4142.
Really wanna see what people can do with this one, looking forward to it!

Nice branding ;) 
FYI any engine or configuration that features an autohop function(holding space to bunnyhop) will need to have it turned off- FTE for example has this issue.

Rubicon2 assets are also available with these progs if you use the Rubicon2.def.

We've decided the mapname prefix will be jjj_: example: jjj_jcr.bsp 
This Is Excellent. 
Great Idea 
I would really like to see some levels that use the boots as a sort of Metroidvania mechanic. It's nice to have them as a platforming tool for sure, but I think minimizing difficult platforming in lieu of inventive combat arenas that fully utilize the boots would be my ideal map.

Even moderately tough combat encounters can become very interesting when platforming is involved, like this little example setpiece I created. 
Will Readme Files Be Obligatory?? 
If I Was Running It 
You bet your lily-white pimpled ass... but that's JCR on this one.

fw - While exciting to watch, I would have an coronary playing that map. Yikes. 
Guys, don't worry- I'll write up a readme for it :)

I am working on an update to the progs to address some bugs as well as to implement a "Coyote Time" feature based on Yoder's work for his Toybox mod. I think it will help round out platforming for the less coordinated. These changes won't affect the maps you guys are currently working on so get to it! 
What A Place To Start... 
I've committed myself to making at least one map per month for 2020. This will be the first jam I'll be participating in... which is kinda scary because I have yet to finish a Vanilla map. I think it'll be good to challenge myself, though! 
Your entry will be most welcome, Reach out if I can be of help! 
That's a great goal to have! Actually, participating in a jam will force you to learn much faster, so this is a great development. You won't regret it. 
dt_ds - I agree, i've made a lot of changes to that fight based on some small playtests. The platforms, while the same size, are lower in relation to eachother making the jumps easier to pull off. The platforms now have no wait time while in the lava, meaning at most you'll take 3 ticks of damage before it rises again, and there's a much more forgiving setup where you get to observe the platforms in a safe environment before the battle starts.

jcr - That should help in a bunch of places! Coyote Time is basically required in an fps platformer when you can't see your feet :P

quasiotter - Looking forward to your output there buddy, just remember that you don't have to stack up to the greats just now, no 100+ monster maps required. Something smaller and more complete is always better than something rushed and huge. Gl! 
@jcr, Dt, Fw 
thanks y'all! been playing loads of maps this year and i'm excited to join the fray!

fw - i'm constraining all my maps to be >5 minutes & no combat. i'm an artist and understand scope very well :OP 
Updated Progs For The Jam 
Hey everyone, I've updated the progs. Here's a quick changelog:

-Added coyote time (brief input window to jump after walking off a ledge)

-jboots bboxes fixed

-Ladder SFX fixed

-various crashes relating to lava and other stuff

Good luck on your maps! I've begun work on the start, hit me up on discord or here if you have not already expressed interest in this jam so I know how many portals to make for it. 
aaaand how about a link for that:

Devkit 2.0 Download 
"coyote Time" 
This was probably expected,

I am hereby EXTENDING JJJ until 1/26/2020 which will be the absolute last day to hand in a completed map. Go map!

Send me beta versions so I can at least make a showcase video with your map featured.

Extension Countdown Timer 
Looking good everyone, here's a Teaser Trailer
Very exciting stuff. 
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