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New ADSP: "Deep Research" By Comrade Beep
There's a new Arcane Dimensions map by Comrade Beep. Includes a custom ambient music track by Matthias Fluor.


Thanks to Tribal for the tip.
I am impressed of beginning of new year for Quake :) 
Very nice level. I played on hard, quite easy secrets (5/5), but still missed some of enemies (69/73). 
Sorry for spam, but I came back and found some of "buddies" in nooks and crannies ;) Of course 73/73, and again great map! 
Is 2020 The Year Of AD? 
Cool map.

Three AD maps in 2 days? COOL! 
Thanks For Posting This! 
Sorry, I was trying to figure out how to post a news item but hadn't figured it out yet. 
Played it on normal ...gameplay seemed well balanced. Nothing frustrated me one bit. Looks very good (great use of the cr8 texture wad, very nice brushwork & lighting). Found 3 out of 5 secrets, so I wouldn't say that they're all easy.

Probably my only wish would be that there was another floor/tier above to explore, because it looked really neat up there :) I also thought flipping the skybox was quite clever. Great job! I enjoyed it very much. 
Appreciate The Playthrough 
The texture set is speedy, but it's speedy bz and not cr8. I did try to put in more observation and exploration based secrets instead of obscure secrets.

I'm glad you wanted a second floor. I really try to build a map that ends with you wanting more content.

Flipping the skybox was entirely twitchy's idea so I can't take any credit for that.

Thanks for playing and posting your feedback! 
Cheers ! 
As I said on my tests great design and aesthetics, the ceiling is very rich of details, Secrets are too easy to find, but I respect the choice of the designer. Yes agree a second floor which cross the cliff/skybox hole could be awesome. As I said too I felt some SW vibes.
The gameplay is well balanced. Hope it's a first part of a new episode :) 
Short And Sweet 
Very nice job Beep. Good usage of the tech theme and gameplay. Can't say anything more other than a fine addition to AD.

First run demo, hard skill: 
Fun short level. Enemies kept me on my toes. A bit too much spawning monsters for my taste.
Had some difficulty adapting to the AD monsters.
Nice secrets too.
I liked the sky. 
Excellent map. Loved everything about it - the looks, the lighting, the sounds, the skybox, the ambient music, the combat. On Nightmare the ammo was perfectly balanced as I killed the final boss with my very last grenade. Phew. Still two secrets to hunt down. 
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