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Q1SP “Green Hale” By Chris Holden
New Quake map by Chris Holden using the new custom texture wad by Ben 'Makkon' Hale

Screenshots and Video
Beautiful. Not easy, but with secrets makes me fun. So far I found 7/9. I would like to see a mesh, especially these arches on top. 
I like it. The architecture is impressive. Not a fan of the green stone-texture, but the rest of the custom textures were really nice, especially the bronze detailing.

On nightmare you basically have to find a bunch of secrets to have enough ammo, but that was not a problem as most secrets were quite easy.

A rather abrupt ending, though. It almost felt like the map was a unfinished. But overall a nice and fun map. 
This felt really great at times, there's a few nice areas and some of the fights can be fun, but there's something missing.

To me, the enemies feel very haphazardly placed, standing out in the open just waiting to have the player walk into their sight. Many are introduced far away, or just from turning a corner and it's a bit of a deflating feeling.

It feels like there's minimal use of any sort of interesting scripting in the map, the level feels so static despite it's shiny exterior, staying stationary as enemies nonchalantly go through the routine of running at you or throwing their attacks out.
No pathing monsters, no cool traps sprung, no little gameplay moments other than extremely obvious pickup spawns, just a bunch of rooms with dudes in them. Fun rooms, but milquetoast in execution to say the least.

I'd love to see this gone over again and expanded, possibly with some new encounters mixed in and all new areas found through those empty teleporter.. circles.

Oh, and that monster density different from Skill 1 to 2 is way, way too drastic. 
Nice map with appealing textures. I quite like the green bricks and Egyptian mix. Solid map, I only hoped it was a little longer.

First run demo, hard skill: 
So many secrets... that I didn't find. 
i love this visually/architecturally. big fan of the circle motif, especially with the non-teleporter circles. i haven't seen this texture pack before so it was really pretty to me. enjoyable and i even got 8/9 secrets (which is good for me lol) 

Back to playing Quake at least for a while, and i find this is an interesting one: solid and coherent looks, decent layout even if linear, interesting way of presenting the secrets and hectic combats. The zombies on skill 2 just made things better, with the lack of explosives at first being a bonus which made combats more hectic.

On the negative, in a similar fashion to Fairweather i also found the placement of some enemies not good, as they were far far away and i could and should, because they were mostly rushing from the front, snipe them from the entrance. Killing enemies from the entrance was a too common thing sometimes, coupled with some obvious setups, like after taking the SNG. The secrets, while interesting, were not secrets for half of them, which is a pity, and the ammo was required to complete the map.
On the topic of looks, they are solid and well done, but i cannot leave aside the feeling that they are too professional, in the way that it is missing some creativity points that show your personal touch and stand out from the rest. Too coherent maybe would be the word, while they were not boring or repetitive in the slightest.
What left me puzzled was the shortcut: why put one which activates AFTER the exit?

Will keep a look on your next maps. 
I agree with the other comments that some of the encounters were on the dry side.That being said, it was really pretty and I liked the combination of green/bronze textures. Here's my playthrough
First standalone release? Congrats, really solid.

There were a few combinations of terrain + monsters that I really liked, such as when you come through a door into a valley with raised ledges on either side and an "ogre balcony" at the far end. There were ways to break the sightlines to the ogres, the grenades bounced around in fun/alarming ways, and you could step up onto the ledges to try to avoid them. The RL secret related to that area was a nice reward too.

I guess I would repeat what a few other folks have said... it seems like the secrets were required to feasibly complete the map. In my case (skill 2) I would have been hosed without getting the MH/Quad secret when I did. As it turns out everything ended up feeling just challenging enough, and finding the Quad was a great feeling. The paradox of "useful secrets"...

Keep it up! 
Those textures look crazy. It kinda reminds me of Fortnite. I don't mean that in a bad way, i just mean it almost looks cell-shaded. 

Great looking map. I had fun playing, maybe because I woke up half of the monsters at the beginning.
It was just the right size for my taste too.

Skill 2, first play demo: 
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