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AD_Q1SP: "Duel, In Towers"
Another scrap coming out of the pile. This time around its my sm197(6 texture) entry. Plenty of secrets to be found in this map.


Are These All The Things You Were Streaming... 
...and we kept telling you "finish these fucking maps, Muk??" ;) 
Come back you butt - still fun and chat to be had, relaxed moderation but curbing excessive beef and antagonism 
Fun Map, But... 
There's a bug/issue. If you get the gold key, you can't get back up. There is no way to make the lift come back down. Had to noclip my way back up. 
@Tintin: There Is No A Bug 
@Tintin: There is no bug. I had the same problem as you. I thought the elevator button didn't work, but that's not true. You have to push it a little to the left. Then it will work. Try it. 
Oh, I See 
It is a bug in the sense that the button animation unintentionally breaks when you press it. A broken train.

But it did make the noise after trying a few times on the left side, thanks. 
Well thats what I get for rushing a map out! Apologies!

Heres an updated zip with the following fixes:

- Set Shambler to ambush
- Raised Shadow Axe out of ground so it spawns
- Final plat button fixed (re: #3)

update OP please! 
That Is One Damn Fine Map! 
Thnx Muk 
Superb Map! 
Love it. Thanks a lot, it's a nice work! 
Very Good Map, Thank You Muk 
I had a good time with finding all 9 secrets, especially the green backpack. The button for this has been hidden really well and clever :) I wonder about the visible but inaccessible backpacks on the left and right in the room with a wooden key. I wonder even more because these are not secrets. Can you get them somehow? 
RE: #9 
SPOILER: The "birdcage" secrets are accessed from the Wooden Key room. There is no training for this secrets visual language but there is a hint in the room somewhere. :)

Thanks for playing. I had a lot of fun making these secrets. 
RE: #10 
Wow, I knew that this is not the end of adventures on this map :) This extend a fun even more :) Really challenging. 
RE: #10 
ok, I see you like to break planks a lot ;) 
Found The Super Secret! 
Three secrets inside one another (sort of), like russians dolls! Cool one!

8/9 secrets found so far. 
Here's A Vidya

When a dummy places Quake. 
Fun Map! 
Hunting cleverly placed secrets like this is neat. Still have 2 to go. I am certainly glad that you're dragging out these "scraps!" 
Nice Little Map 
Thanks for the release and the speedy fix. Well built, nicely detailed and fun little map with lots of clever secrets. I have 8/9. Just need to find that last button! 
OK, I got all 9 secrets now. The last one, the green backpack, took a while.

I got three small niggles about the map. First, the wooden platforms on the elevators are not designed to accommodate the vertical beams that they raise/lowers on. Not a biggie, of course, but just about everything else is so detailed, so I noticed that.

I get the idea with the Shambler "hidden" behind the breakable wall, but in practice it doesn't work so well and feels a bit iffy.

The ending seems a bit anticlimactic, both when it comes to combat and the exit.

Other than that it is a really sweet little map. 
Comfy Wooden Map. 
1. I've got 62 kills and 9 secrets on Nightmare, yet still there are fallen marines' armor and backpack in between window panels. Is there a way to... ah, nevermind. Found it.

2. Come on, there's dead end in the "exit" gateway, at least could've made there a slipgate or pitch black darkness, it really breaks immersion. 
Great Map 
Thanks. Need to go back to find the secrets.
Recorded a demo.
Oh and I got stuck under a lift. 
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