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Slayer's Testaments MAPJAM - Doom 2016 / Eternal In Quake!


- deadline is in roughly two months - when the full version of ST comes out. (Late July)
- can be of any theme, textureset or the like.
- should be playable as a standalone map - be it a pistol or shotgun start, or u can have players spawn with whatever equipment / weapons u wish via a loadout trigger.
- will appear with other submissions in an exclusive 'other adventures' episode in the Slayer's Testaments start map!
- you can repurpose an existing map relatively easily to work with ST; worked on another jam recently (or still are)? Hit two birds with one stone. Wanna make an original map? Submit as much as u like.
- a WINNER will be voted on - can't vote for yourself - prize pending.
Got A Direct Link To The Mod Download?? 
Could be useful... 
Not Everyone Uses Discord. 
Probably wont participate, but it'll be cool to see what some of the more artistically minded might be able to do with the mod.

Also Discord links aren't download links! Please supply an actual link and let a mod update the thread. 
I'll haveta upload it somewhere when I get home, right now the latest version is on discord only. In 3 hours I can have it up. 
Direct Mod Dowload Link 
Will this mod have Denuvo in it? 
We're Denuvo free... for now. ;)

lol j/k we will always be!!!!

In all seriousness tho, I do implore people to use ledge-grab while making levels. It's easy to implement... just create wafer-thin brushes with skip textures and set them to func_grab - it's recommended the whole level end up having but ONE func_grab entity.

Since the func_grab has collision, it should extend from the height of the ledge to the floor, or bottom of catwalk. And it should extend about 1 unit from the actual ledge, outward. You could even just duplicate the whole ledge and stretch one side to be a unit over, since func_grab CAN overlap architecture. Just remember to skip-texture it and combine it with the grab entity. 
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