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Quake Mapping Jam using Chris Holden's new Texture Wad

Originally created these textures as part of a weekend speedmap Sinister Cistern. It drummed up interest to expanding and run a jam so here we are!

No design theme outside of using the texture wad and AD. During this jam I'll take requests (within reason) and updating the wad with fixes if necessary. Feel free to use other texture wads if you need. ChoTex works well with id1 and knave, and you'll need skies.

START: Friday June 19 00:00 UTC
DEADLINE: Monday June 29 00:00 UTC

TEXTURES: chotex.wad
PROGS : Arcane Dimensions 1.71
comes with FGD for TB, JACK and GTK

SUBMISSIONS: Email to choldenjr[AT]gmail[DOT]com, or message me on Discord @ ChrisHolden#3955

NAMING : CTJ_author

DISCUSSION : #chotex-jam
This Is Not The ChodeTex-Jam I'm Looking For.... 
Chris Holden! 
Chris Holden refers to himself in the third person. Oh, yeah!! 
chodetex.wad is too veiny. 
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