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Arcane Dimensions 1.80
AD 1.8 was released yesterday. It's a little buggy but Simon said he plans on a patch today.

Lots of changes and refinements from the last release. The most interesting for me is custom HUD's. Something not really seen in other Quake mods.

UPDATE: new links from sock:


Downloads (v1.80 p1 final):
Sock -
EU (bal) -
Moddb -
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My Oh My, Oh My... Like A Wise Man Once Said... 
...Bal, I want to do rude things to your penis.
This may be the most spectacular, good looking, best playing map evah!

This is so much off the scale on so many overewhelmingly good.

Thank you!

(slight bug, sometimes reloading a quicksave kills you and the map starts over. Re-quickload fixes things)

[url=]1st run[/url] 
I notice that in 1.8 the Nailgun is swapped for the Super Nailgun once you got the later, much as the Thunderbolt is swapped to the Plasma Gun. Guess this is on purpose? Got to say that I sort of miss the Nailgun. 
Widowmaker Ever Going To Get Its Own Sound? 
I never liked that the Widowmaker reused their SSG firing sound, but poking around in the files, the Widowmaker has two totally separate firing noises, but relies on ssg2.wav, and they're really beefy and great. Would love to see hear them in-game without having to mod out the ssg2.wav.

@lpowell. They could definitely change him up, as they have the other Quoth enemies. But this many years into AD, I guess their sights just aren't on it. 
The Gug is perfect. Don't fuck with it! 
There's always Qmaster's keep mod 
+1 To Otp 
RE: Nailgun? 
@arkngt There's a new feature in 1.80 which defaults to ON that makes your next weapon & previous weapon functions skip the Nailgun when you have the Super Nailgun. I think it should be off by default personally, though I bind all the weapons anyway.

You can use 'impulse 168' to toggle it off/on (only documented in the ad_v1_80p1 changelog), or read the quake.rc file and modify the temp1 variable accordingly (add 2097152 to your temp1 variable). The latter method will persist even if you close and restart the game. 
Tears Of The False God - AD 1.80 
Spent my evening playing it. Getting away. Coming back. This is such a masterpiece. I had to stop many times to just let my bottom jaw coming up again. I can think of many amazing Quake maps along the path but this is going way beyond the wildest imagination. Wow. Splendid curvatures. Beautiful shiny blue water everywhere. Wondrous scale. These pillars, these walls...Mmmmhh. What a labour of love ! Really. How many hours days of work, Bal ? I can't wrap my mind around this outerworldly sense of freedom I felt tonight, escaping confinement into such a dreamy place. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart !

164:47 14/16 600/600 Skill 0

* I loved the gameplay. Great monster variety. The shardhunt was priceless. Besides the unkillable nours I went my sweet way but OMG, I had to finally cheat my way through the last arena... (OK. Trying to avoid spoiling to much for now).

* I noticed a missing sound/sound/ogre/ogidle2.wav in the console. A sound/ to much in the filepath somewhere probably ?

* On MacOS here too. I confirm the QSS 0.92.2 error and no mod start on launch. But played fine with QS 0.93.2

* And wtf is this constant "chaos system not active" centerprint nag ? I tried to set scratch2 and scratch3 to 1 in the console but then I got that other "random seed (not set)" centerprint and I gave up...

Again, million thanks to all of you guys involved, for such a devotion and incredible creativity. And for all these hours of pure fun you're giving us. Really. 
Thanks for the info! I must bind my weapons btw. Have used the scroll wheel to cycle weapons since forever, which is far from ideal. Will check on how to do it. 
Bal On Evil 
@JohnXMas, did Bal's map on Evil difficulty yesterday and, yes, the final battle was completely insane, in a good way. The entire map is such a work of art. Amazing. 
Bal's. 702/702. 16/16.
Now on to harder difficlties. 
Chaos Centerprint Solved 
"r" assigned to "impulse 190" in AD quake.rc was conflicting with my usual "r" "+speed" config bind. Geez. Fixed now.

The craziest fucking map ever made, Dark Souls IV and V in one bsp file, one that will define entire generations of level design. 
Hell Yeah 
WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Now this is what I'm talking about!

Excellent map design enhanced by even the smallest of engine tweaks goes a long way to improving what can be done. There's very little I can say to really impress just how amazing the work of the past year has been. Just bravo! Bravo! 
Tried It On FTEquake 
How do I save settings after quitting the game? It resets graphics on defaults on the next launch. 
Hunting The Last Secret 

So now I have 15/16 secrets in ad_tears, which is more annoying than when I was missing 2. Anyway, hunting for the last one I happened upon this strange board or whatever it is in the last arena. Does anyone know what's up with it? 
It's a clock, measuring your completion time of the super secret arena in seconds. 
@onetrupurple, that's awesome. Thanks! 
Custom HUDS Error 
I can't change the HUD (version 1.8 Patch 1) when pressing H anymore. The only thing I'm getting is a "[Impulse] Custom HUDs not supported" error message. I'm having this issue in vkQuake (1.04.1, Win64) and Quakespasm-Spiked (0.93.2ish, Win64). Any ideas what the reason for this could be? 
Of course, Tears of the False God is amazing. Both boss battles arenas are great, especially the "below" one. The music and overall visuals of white textures and bright blue water reminded me of a mix of Ulduar, Vortex Pinnacle and Storm Peaks from WOW.

Also liked Akahlakhalahlahka a lot as well, sort of like a mini-Sepulcher'y thing. Sand castle and Grendel's Blade I played as separate releases that were before, are there any changes/updates for them in the AD1.8? Or any other maps from previous version(s)?

I noticed that AirTank in Tears map displayed a message "now you can BREATH underwater", shouldn't it be "breathe"?

Also, shouldn't finishing the maps started from the ad_chapters hub send players back there, instead of the main start hub? 
Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle is changed for the AD release. Mainly monsters and secrets/rewards. For exmaple, you can't get the Widow Maker right from the start now, which is more balanced IMO.

I do think the ending is too hard now on Evil difficulty. I mean, I've done it twice so it can be done, but it's more annoying than fun now IMO.

@Berzerk2k2, the customizable HUD seems to be a bit glitchy with QSS. For me it works most of the time, but I've also gotten the message once - and then it worked again when restarting. 

Oh and Grendel's Blade seems to be exactly the same as before, unless I've missed something. 
Ok, That's Enough Shards For Today 
So I understand the appeal of Tears Of The False God (ad_tears), this is basically Paradise Sickness(ad_paradise) meets Outer Sea Ruins(jjj_pinchy). A LOT of effort and hours of gameplay. Started playing today, gave up after finding 13 shards and took the path to exit portal... only to discover that it's not exit portal! And there's final grand showdown!

At the end of this day I've found 15/16 shards, 12/16 secrets and 389 kills. Where's the last one, you know which one I mean?

p.s. I don't know if its bug or feature, but some torches and fire dishes, for example ones near the ascension portal still burns at touch even with fire shield equipped.

Also I like the revamped Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle with explosion belt and stuff at the end, not being able to inflict infight between fire and acid shamblers was kind dissappointing but final battle was worth it anyways. Good that you can finish this map without touching a half of all Q-pedestals, this nonlinearity is so cool.

Now about revamped classic campaign.
I noticed that first episode can be finished just from starting ad_s1m1 from arcane_chapters and playing it to the very end. This basically blocks player from starting episode 1 through basement, entrance to e1m1 slipgate will be blocked (why block them at all?). Also, the idea that you can obtain runes from standard quake and not AD maps' secrets and vice versa is great.

Now I kinda expect that you AD guys will add 37th Relic Retrieval (37_hcm1) to the collection, its scale and enthusiasm makes it match other official mod maps. It's not ideal, and certainly could use some polish/optimization, otherwise... just look at it yourselves: Such good and big base maps are so rare. 
Grendel's Blade is just perfect as is, so good that it is a part of official primary map pack. So many hours on it spent with joy and fun. 
Unfortunately it's not working for me but since I wanted to play with the default HUD anyway I just disabled them in "quake.rc". As impressive as it is to have custom huds now I still prefer the vanilla one.

Now if only AD 1.8 would work fine in vkQuake. I'm getting much better fps there compared to QSS (tested in "Tears of the False God") but unfortunately AD will crash every time you die when running it through vkQuake so QSS seems to be the only workig way at the moment. I hope a future patch will include vkQuake as a supported source port. 
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