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Quake Episode - Epochs Of Enmity
Announcing Epochs of Enmity, a new "unofficial 6th," 10 map episode.


Epochs of Enmity (EoE) is a collection of 10 maps (12, if you include the start & end/credits map). A group of some reputable mappers have been gathered together to form a nice little “vanilla feel” episode.

The goal was to create an “unofficial 6th” episode, to follow Quake’s unofficial 5th, Dimension of the Past. The focus was to create a series of various themed maps, since Ranger is traveling through time to stop the evil that is tainting the time continuum.

Main maps had to include at least one quad, stay within the range of 100 enemies (more if multiple quads exist), and not use external models or sounds; however, skyboxes, colored lighting, and fog was okay.

Download & screenshots:

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Nightmare Difficulty Bug (vkQuake) 
The entry for the Nightmare difficulty seems to be not working correct in vkQuake (1.04.1). I found the entrance and when I enter it it puts me back at the start of "Toward the Within". Picking any other difficulty like hard puts me at the start of the next map "Called to Muster". 
Please forget what I wrote. I took the wrong turn when entering the area with the Nightmare difficulty because it's late and reading is hard XD. It works as intended. 
Is EOE and the improved monster models compatible with each other? 
If you are referring to the authentic model pack that NightFright updates, then yes, it is compatible; however, a some models might be overridden. Like Copper, EoE has a few model enhancements, but they adhere to the vanilla appearance (barely noticeable to most players).

Regardless, the gameplay will be absolutely unaffected. Have fun! :) 
Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying this one.

Great work everyone. 
I want to add that it's not a problem if you want: to experiment and try non-standard things with Quake and custom maps/mods

The problem is you come here and complain to the authors like they're doing something wrong for not catering to your every whim.

SOLUTION: Learn how to map. Get the map source and the author's permission and port the map to AD! 
Thank you @onetruepurple and @ankh for the demos- I watched them and enjoyed the playthrough and the comments! 
Also To Barnak 
When you complain about something, you need to have backup that doesn't make you sound whiny too. A couple years ago, I complained about how behind Quake was in comparison to other games when it came to modding (Quake's mapping is and still remains top notice.) But the reason my complaints seemed to hit the target was because they were legitimate. This year in particular has seen a massive leap in manipulating the engine to do things not done before.

Which makes Epochs of Enmity and future well-done projects of this nature: going back to basics and showing a product like this makes it all the more impressive when they appear. I don't have much to say about the separate maps, but the fact of the matter is this was an ID1 episode through and through. 
Just checked, the models pack is not compatible, it breaks the teleport after "wake up ranger" 
Great Work 
Can't believe how much quality stuff has been pouring in for the last month!

Thanks to everyone involved for this highly enjoyable, nostalgic episode. Of course, it varies greatly in build and play style from map to map - still, the overall feeling is spot on.

Markie's slick, fine-tuned and tasty gibfest at the end steals the show. JPal's citadel has an atmosphere like the emerging greats around 2000. Rhoq's moldy blocks could very well be an id map. Others has nice things going for them too - I liked all of 'em in their own right. Kudos for the custom soundtrack and progs touches.

Just wondering about Downfire's filename though (eoem13). Shouldn't it be 10? Or 12, counting the start and end maps? Is some content cut from the final release? Also, wouldn't it be better if the player is spawned facing the initial hall at the start map, rather than staring at the darkness?

First-run demos - QS 0.93.2 / protocol 666 / skill 2.

Called to Muster: 17m - 9/9s
Tombs of Omega: 26m - 3/4s
Knight on the Town: 16m - 6/6s
The Augur's Mold: 26m - 8/9s
The Citadel of Twilight: 29m - 4/6s
Downfire: 09m - 1/4s
Knavel Orange: 12m - 1/3s
Bunker of Barzai: 17m - 7/8s
Obliteration Domain: 15m - 4/5s
Terrorcotta: 29m - 9/10s 
"(...) manipulating the engine to do things not done before."

This is interesting. Do you have specific examples? As a mere consumer of Quake maps, the distinction between "just a brilliant new idea" and one that requires new tools or tweaks (or new engines) is not at all clear to me, apart from the obvious case of insanely large maps.

(I'm well aware this is off-topic, so this thread might be a more appropriate venue:
Unless I missed some major announcement, that's almost certainly hyperbole. 
Is it intentional that the eclipse in the start map skybox spells out ƎOE? 
Very Nice. 
Meanwhile, maps 5, 5½, and 6:

Map 5:
Just as good as the previous map. Better in some aspects: the visuals are really good - probably the first large scale map in this episode that looks like it has earned its size. Unlike some earlier maps, this one has both great vistas and good fiddly details (I loved those cute custom-made flame braziers) in a good proportion.

The beginning was a lot like a reimagined (AD_)E2M2, but it maintained its own identity throughout. Easily the most vertical map of the lot so far - I had a kick every time a lift required me to shoot a button, using shootables for progression is something id1 did a lot must modern maps don't, which is kind of a shame. Generally this map was the one with the strongest sense of place so far.

However, in some aspects it's a bit of a step down from map 4 - starting with the weapons from the previous four (and over 80 rockets to boot) I've found this one to be by far the easiest map. I imagine it's probably tougher from shotgun start. I enjoyed it (some very satisfying setups) but I don't think I was ever in major danger on skill 2. That ending area could easily have housed ten times as many monsters and it did and it would have been a fantastic finale - though I realise there were specific guidelines to follow.

The one major complaint I would have to make is the progression was a little weird at times. I didn't even realise the SK door was the SK door, since the symbols were blocked by bars (why block a key door behind bars?) - sure, that one's on me. But apparently there's no way to even access the room with the GK door before getting the Gold Key itself - it's a little thing but it's kind of questionable design, and a little sloppy after the very well crafted map 4.

I think you also gave qbsp and vis a much harder time that necessary, with some straight up unneccessary unaccessible areas. I would be very surprised if this map needed to be bsp2 at all (this goes for all maps so far, to be fair).

However, it's still a really good effort, and a very solid map on its own. The first one I got 100% kills and secrets on too!

To be continued... 
...In Here 
Map 5½:
RIP to my 80+ rockets. This one was basically a Doom map in disguise, what with hordes of weak hitscanners and plenty of explosives.

Essentially a speedmap with a fun gimmick, and some interesting texture choices - not too sold on the deal with the holographic floor, but everything else looked okay.

This map kind of feels like it was an afterthought in the grand scheme of things, since it's so small and so easy to find. But maybe it's a nice change of pace to have the secret level be just a small bonus rather than a huge AAA map, if people are bound to miss it.

Map 6:
The difficulty spike is real. I lost (read: forgot to record at all) my first attempt through it, which is sad since it was a mad run through a mad map. The highlight is obviously the lava pit and the massive carnage therein: it's rare when Quake lets you go full ham with the Quad and the Pent at once, and moreso when it still remains a challenge - but interestingly, it was more of a race against time, since you're on a tight timelimit and the monsters keep coming. (All those decino videos are paying off in spades.)

The layout wasn't the most interesting, basically a variation on the small-hub-with-big-areas-branching-off approach - which is fine, but again like in map 3, I found myself wishing for more interaction between each of the discrete areas. Would also be nice if more was done to break up the symmetry in each area (map 5 did this very well), but I also understand this had to be quickly finished for reasons :(

All in all, a decent map. You woolly twink. ;-) 
That ending area could easily have housed ten times as many monsters and it did

as it did 
Map 5 Demo 
And Map 6 And 7 
Great Stuff 
I enjoyed the various themes presented in this episode, it kept things feeling fresh. I didn't find the secret level legitimately but played through it nonetheless. Fantastic work by all!

Full playthrough, hard skill: 
Map 8

I liked this map the best from the whole pack. Great atmosphere. Scary and beautiful.

I don't have a demo for map 9. Stopped recording after dying for 5th time.

Map 7:
Decent map, though kind of weird to include a map that was already released several months ago in the middle of an episode of brand new content.

Competently made (for a first release) though I'll never be a big fan of mixing base and runic themes, personally.

Could probably have done with a better layout and more texture cohesion. I'm a fan of mixing multiple wads but this one felt like throwing the kitchen sink at TB, sort of.

I did enjoy the back to back Quad rampages though :-)

Map 8:
This one gets big points for the atmosphere, even if the build quality is just "okay". Those huge, dark chambers with lava were a great visual, fitting for a penultimate map of an episode. Some more care could have gone into the colored lighting, though, as you ran into the same problem as somebody else did 10 years ago:

I liked the emphasis on traps in this one, a nice change of pace after lots of regular combat. That one particular "long crusher" was definitely an example of the lateral thinking that I would expect from the author, very happy to see this kind of out-of-the-box approach again after it kind of died in the late 00's.

The layout might not have been the most interesting (lots of corridors) but progression was logical, and varied enough to not get me bored. I found the ending a little unsatisfying though, even though the idea was definitely good - I was able to funnel the vast majority of the DKs onto the tight catwalks and pick at them from away with the RL. Probably worth exploring this kind of thing with a differently built finale.

Good map overall. 
Thought I had replied. Valid critique tbh, map ended up being a collab due to time constraints but was started by myself. I was under the impression I could knock out a map on a smaller scale but as usual I needed help :-/

I have a lot of maps on the slow burn that I am trying to complete but they will take a while to finish (one in particular is coming together nicely though but may slip to 2021).

As for the map itself it was originally going to be a little less linear, the final ending area was going to be in the church and the well was going to be a teleport to the rooftop for a secret Quad fight.

I still like how it turned out overall and I appreciate Greenwood helping me get it done. 
My Hard Blind Contribution 
I made a blind video of the episode on Hard difficulty: ; Secret map was found but was not played.

Good job everyone for this ♥ ! The first maps are just beautiful. Only Bunker of Barzai made me slightly disappointed, as it was quite a bit of a constrast with the different maps, being way some squary and simple than the rest.

Obliteration Domain however was definitely that one map that made me shat my pants several time, especially at the beginning. That was a really fun experience. 
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