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ADORIA Mod - Release

Finally my two years project got finished.
This mod plays on a spacestation and has a story that tries to connect Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake.
It features a 12 tracks soundtrack,some new sounds, voice recordings, some new textures and collectebles that are needed to finish the game.
It works perfect with quakespasm.

Hope you enjoy!


Promo Video:

(Fixed the screenshot links) 
Thanks !!! 
any new enemies in this mod? 
A 288 MB Skybox? 
I couldn't get it to run right in vkQuake ...until I noticed this & removed it. Considering it's just a black void with a few stars, you might want to change it to something a bit more reasonable. There are several out there that look just as good at a fraction of the size (like 5-15 MB).

The suggested memory allocation shortcut wasn't even necessary after that I removed that beast! 
Here's A Smaller Skybox 
...for those who also might have problems running it.
It cuts down the game's overall file size about 283 MB. 
Some Typos (in Case You Do An Update) 
In the mission statement:

2. Capture Base Data-cardiges (should be cartridges)
3. Find the Labarotory (should be laboratory)
4. Eliminate all enemy ressistance (should be resistance)

On a side note, I thought your start map was pretty cool. I really liked the look of those space ships with the shark mouths, like the old WWII P-40 airplanes. :) 
@Greenwood .Thanks For The Infos! 
I will do the changes on the weekend.
Meanwhile, quakespasm works fine.
I rebuild the space ships from the SMC landing ships in Quake 4. 
Whoa Nelly 
I am very on the fence about this one, good ideas mixed in with bad decisions. Let me go through the positives first.

The concept is neat, traversing through areas of different futuristic themes both Quake and Doom alike, mostly Doom. The box factory, the offices, the UAC lobby, the creepy hospital were all adequate, what I really liked was some of the very small details that were created such as a computer desk, those space like beds, arcade machines, the cafeterias and the operating table, all very nicely crafted. But then...

You have a lot of rooms that are very boxy with little to no detail and sometimes poor texturing, just a complete 180 from what you might have seen a minute ago. The level of detail is just all over the place, its never consistent, and I don't know if this is by design. Lighting is also a problem, some areas are way too dark and I had to increase the brightness just to find my way around. Other areas have very strong colored lights, especially that one room with the blue light. I got lost frequently, mostly in the box factory segment because of how similar each room was, hard to find the right path to take.

Normally I don't mind button hunting but this map defeated me. I actually couldn't get any further than the UAC lobby, finding the passcode magazines(?). Which meant sadly I wasn't able to finish the map. Noclipping my way through the rest, there were even more hard to find buttons, some of them in places that one would consider to be a secret area. There were plenty of new textures but most of them had lots of fullbright pixels where they weren't supposed to be. The new music was good but because of how long it can take to find all the buttons/objects to proceed to the next area, it can get a bit jarring.

Lastly and the big thing, almost 400 enemies to take out, all of them grunts, enforcers or dogs. (with the exception of the hospital segment which had zombies) Whats up with that? You could have very easily placed in ogres and scrags and even some of the newer base enemies from AD. Why so little diversity with the beastiary?

I hate to say it but despite some really good ideas and a few moments of greatness, the negatives outweigh the positives of this map. It was the frequent button finding and repetitive monster encounters that did it for me. However what is shown here, demonstrates really promising potential for future projects. 
Yes, this seems like the prefect map to throw a bunch of custom base monsters in 
Thank You! @ Greenwood; Orl; Yhe1 
First of all thank you for the critcs!!!

After a brainstorming with myself, as the mod is already released on Quaddicted and I feel realy exsausted after this year and the worldwide situation that fucks up every one, I will not do any change after a "real" holiday.

Sadly no one replyed on my beta-testing call 6 months ago. So I had to do the job on my own.

Thank you Greenwood for the skybox hint and your work on a smaler version. Thank you for that!

Also a big thank to Orl for your critics!

Most of the details are references to films and games, that I wanted to share because of my concept: 1. make it oldschool 2. refer on every oldschool thing that was cool 3. make an oldschool story and line to follow.

The mix of low textured and designed rooms and high detailed rooms was wanted. because of Romeros No.1 rule:"make a contrast to every room", so I mixed also high detailed with oldschool. Will change that in the future.

Lighting.... Argh.. Sorry for that. Seams my monitor calibration was overwriten again.

UAC-Lobby: Go to the helpdesk and its button. Get the information about needing a code. You can find all parts of the code in the rooms of the lobby. After you found all, come back to the help desk and push the button again. The door will be eliminated.

Enemys: This play is on a UAC station. So I wanted classic enemys only. Sadly I didn't had the time to add some quoth enemys.
If I have time for part 2. It will play in hell and you will see them all. :) 
Nice trailer 
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