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Q1SP: Into The Dark
A medium wizard-themed level. Atleast half of the level was made in 2019. I took my old unfinished level and finished it recently. Have fun!


Started playing it but I am so tired. Had to save in the Silver key room. It's awesome so far. I'll wrap it up when I am fresh in the morning. Really crazy combat and great brushwork. 
Excellent map! Please make more! 
Thank you! I think this map would be the last one (if i'll make something else, of course) that i've playtested on my own. It takes so much time and i still found something that needs to be fixed. Nothing cruical though. 
Nice map. I would have liked a bit more space to move around but it's all there. 
>a bit more space to move around

It's because i dont play that much modern quake maps which are more widey and open. I've recently played Alkaline and it was great! But my fav map from the mod has been "Foundation for Corruption", which is very tight. But my mapping behaivor can change over time. 
Fair enough. I just feel that sometimes mappers are afraid to scale things up a bit. Granted, that doesn't always fit gameplay but if I had to go one way or the other, I would scale things up every time. Unless you're dealing with spatial restrictions (ie. Xmas Jam) there's really no reason for me to hit my head on ceilings, get stuck in doorways etc. I'm thinking of one particular Quake veteran/mapper/reviewer/whatever that always talked about scale but had zero sense for it himself. I guess it's a fine balance and not every map gets it right, which is OK.

PS: yours reminds me of a map from the original campaign but I can't for the life of me figure out which one :) 
Very cool layout, and challenging combat. There was an audible "oh shit" in one encounter, and there were comparible moments throughout. I'd believe it if someone had said this was a new Romero map (John pls). Resources were very tight on hard, which I still thought was fun but others might have a problem with it.

Good length and pacing too. I found 2/4 secrets. I maybe would've liked a higher count, but the id maps never had many secrets either.

As for scale, it felt pretty good to me. There were a few instances where monsters blocked my path, but it always felt intentional and I just considered it an extra challenge.

I also would definitely like to play more maps from you. 
A grenade launcher would've been nice. Maybe there was one in a secret, but it's my favourite weapon. 
I also like the grenade launcher (who not?), but it has been my design choice to not use it for the map, because many maps have it. Levels should to
be different. But maybe putting it in a secret could be a good idea.

>I'd believe it if someone had said this was a new Romero map (John pls).
I love Romero maps and use them as a reference. It's a huge compliment for me, to be honest.

I'm glad that you like my map. Thank you for the feedback! 
*should be different 
>who not?
*who doesn't?
My english is bad, but not that bad (i think). :)
Not having an edit button on this board is a bit frustrating for me. 
This Was Really Good. 
forgot to record demo. Played on hard and found it solid AF!
Thanks, and hope you do more old school maps like this! 
I played this last week and liked it alot.
The last part was really interesting, it reminded me of the tower of fate level from Shovel Knight.
I'm also a big fan of episode 2 and its aesthetic.

Looking forwards to your future releases. 
Map Doesn't Work With QSS 
Apparently with the latest release of QSS, 2 fiends doesn't spawn as they fall under the map, resulting in a softlock. Maybe some other enemies aren't spawning properly too. vkQuake works however.

Other than that, it's a fun map, I have to say! The ending was kinda challenging though. I found 2/4 secrets for now, but because of QSS, I might have missed 1 so far. 
Thank You 
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it!

>Maybe some other enemies aren't spawning properly too.

Yes, there are more enemies that aren't spawning in QSS. i've mentioned it in the text file that comes with the map. 
Spike just released today a new version of QSS and all the bugs are gone.

Your map works perfectly with Quakespasm-Spiked now :) 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

Very good. On my quake map enjoyment scale 10/10.
Scale was perfect for me. 
Nice playthrough! Thank you. 
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