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Q1SP: Alkaline 1.1 (Thanksgiving Update)
Alkaline 1.1 is out now! ...a Thanksgiving treat.
After further development, the update to the Base enhancement mod/map pack is available to enjoy :)


With maps from Bal, Bloodshot, bmFbr, DragonsForLunch,
EmeraldTiger, Greenwood, Grome, Juzley, Makkon, Mazu,
Mista Heita, Paul Lawitzki, Scampie, and zigi.

Download link:
Mirror (via Bal ...thanks!):
Looks like this is a standalone install, not a patch on the existing alkaline install.

New maps are:
* North Central Positronics by DragonsForLunch
* Logistics of Chaos by EmeraldTiger
* Overengineering Mania by Mazu & Greenwood
* Derelict Freighter by Paul Lawitzki 
I thought those names sounded familiar. Overengineering Mania seems like the only really new one, others are from the alkaline Jam. 
So What Do We Have Here... 
Among the maps I see three maps from alkjam, and one more from jumpjam, with even more circuitboards.

I also see new weapon models/animations/effects from kexquake remaster (not all, but most beautiful ones, not the bastardized ones), new monster models, wait that actually new monsters wow and new details in old maps.

Still no special command for trifecta powerup?
Still no secret slipgate to testmap from startmap?

Also new stickybomb launcher from HIPNOTIC, if I remember correctly. 
At least impulse 222 for jumpboots still works.
What's the code for super jumpboots? 
@So Rangers Name's Jim? 
The only item utilized from the Kex remaster is the converted viewmodel of the rocket launcher. Most weapons come or derive from Dwere models.

I did not add any additional circuitboards in the updated Alkaline version of Mazu's map. Possibly you mistook some armor shards that I included in the map as such.

Glad to see that you're enjoying it! 
@So Rangers Name's Jim? 
Besides what Greenwood already said, there's the new smooth Super Nailgun model created by Fairweather, that animates at 40fps instead of the original 10.

The Trifecta doesn't have an impulse code for it. Neither the super jumpboots, only the upgradeable, persistent ones. 
OK Then 
Yeah I mistook it for kex model. Appreciate how smoothly barrels are rolling now.

Codes for all these stuff isn't necessary, but would be very convenient if they existed. As well as some documentation/changelog. These are quality of life features man.

About the circuitboards, hmm 50? 5 0 ? F I F T Y??!!
Original one had about 25 to succeed at mission, 37 to get the completionist "achievement".
What've you done Mazu you absolute madman. 
Yeah I get what you mean. But so so much stuff was changed since 1.0 that you'd get bored halfway through reading some changelog haha 
8-bit Style Sounds Wery Attractive! 
In my opinion, no one mods (excluding AD of course) have ever received such big update before. Great improvements! 
Thanks For This Update! 
Wow, where do I begin?
Those footsteps, the damaged enemy textures, the nailgun grunts carrying actual nailguns, the bullet impact decals, ... and Fairweather's super nailgun, I want it in every mod now :P

It's just *chef's kiss*

It's all this attention to details that gives the game the feeling of a more polished, more complete experience without detracting from the core gameplay.

Really, congrats to all the people involved!

If you were on the fence about playing through Alkaline again (it feels like the mod released like 2 months ago) do yourself a favor and go back in!

Man do I like following the work of this community, it feels like christmas every other month :) 
@So Rangers Name's Jim? 
I'm telling ya. I didn't change the game progression regarding the circuitboards. That's the same as the original version & pure Mazu! :) 
Wow! You have a keen eye for details. Yeah, we really went deep into things to better the Alkaline experience. It was a lot of work, but I think it helps with the overall immersion factor.

Glad to hear that you're digging it! :) 
A few people have mentioned it, but I thoght I'd let you know that Overengineering Mania is (mostly) an existing map, Mazu's Engineering Mania, from January Jump Jam.

It's a pretty good upgrade, with some added trim, new textures here and there, I think some nicer lighting, and of course weapons and enemies from Alkaline. 
Just Finished The Rest Of The "new" Maps 
Fantastic work from everybody involved. Everything from the custom HUD to the new models, sounds, damage skins, and maps represent a uniformly great leap in quality. I'm looking forward to maybe making a map for Alkaline sometime in the future. 
New Makkon Textures In Start Map 
(techcomp_01) seems to be unreleased yet. And that computer style is unique for Quake. This kind of textures mappers should grabbing from everywhere where can reach it before. I want to use this texture but with little improvements - I added some animation. 
I know you made that with the best of intentions, but those computer panel textures are still WIP by Makkon, and he asked people to not be grabbing and reusing them until he finishes the set. 
Oh! My dearest friend, take my apologies and bring them to Makkon too for my impatience. But this textures so insane that I didn't hold on. But since it already released within a map let it be a (public) beta. And I don't use them till they shall be released I swear. After release I can animate them again in final version if Makkon won't do it.
We just running Streisand effect. Oh-oh! 
How This Brush Was Created? 
Ok from my side it is func_illusionary but from oter side it is fully transparent. How? 
Just func_illusionary with alpha texture on one side and skip on all the others. 
Unexpected It's So Easy! 
Thank You 
New, Updated Website For Alkaline 
Due to some issues, I've redone the website for Alkaline via WordPress. Now it's cleaner, faster, and more secure. 
Now It's *the* Space AD 
for sure. Everything looks highly polished and even the "old" maps in this pack got a nice overhaul, it seems. I am currently replaying the entire thing just to see what changed, haven't even arrived at the new levels yet.

Can't emphasize enough how much the awesome soundtrack contributes to the "spacey" atmosphere. A mod that had already been excellent with its initial release got even better! 
Is It Just Me Or 
does dl link not work on that site 
does dl link not work on that site

It's the browser blocking hyperlinks without HTTPS. If you manually copy & paste the URL, it will work. 
Are there still plans to update Alkaline in the future? Could include Travail's Juggernaut and GMSP1's walker. Madfox's converter chasm monsters also have three really good soldier types and a good turret. Just wanted to see some rarely used monsters get a chance to shine. 
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