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The Rabbit Run Video!
Speed Demos Archive have released the sequal to Quake done Quick lite named the Rabbit Run. It's a complete run through ALL of Quake on Easy skill completing the game in 10 minutes and 58 seconds!

Check SDA for the full story:

Here's a direct link to the video:
Fairly Good 
I enojeyed it. It was more coherent than that "highlight" sort of video. Some of the same complaints area held over, though -- those being the horrible textures and cheesy graphics "enhancements". I read the bit on SDA about it, but I still would have liked a version run in plain GLQuake or WinQuake.

...Still waiting for a run on could.bsp, too. 
god, you'd think people who cared enough about Quake to still be speedrunning it would be against 'additions' that make it look like total shit.

I know I'll never be watching another SDA video release. 
Watched It. 
same gripes as everyone else, really... that engine really is t3h s4wk. some of those textures look worse, even though highres, than the originals.

still though, i'm impressed with the speedrunning--i always am. ;)

watched the other movie too. same stuff as for this one. 
If You Like Speedrunning I Suggest You 
Just get the run in normal demo format and watch it in your fave resolution and engine. 800x600 antialiased looks sweeter than any video. Or try software 320x200 for nostalgia ;) 
....where the fuck is the normal demo for this?? This is the new TRR right?? What do SDA think they are playing at??

And yes I've checked QDQ.... 
And no, there WON'T be a pak file version released of tRR, at least not yet. Maybe a miracle occurs and we somehow get to make the movie tRR was originally intended to be. But until then it's unlikely we'll release a pak version. If you beg us enough, maybe we'll reconsider :-)

I do love speedrunning, and i have nothing against custom engines, as i commonly use DarkPlaces to play maps, but there is a point when the new extras and features added just make the game look shoddy. I bet the demo would look fine if you kept the engine but ditched the high res textures, however.

...there's plenty of eyecandy and fun stuff for those who like that. I know some of you wasn't too fond of the eyecandy in the SDA video, and you probably won't be too pleased about how the tRR video looks, but we can't make everyone happy. The feedback we got from the SDA video has been overwhelmingly positive (mostly), and I doubt the tRR video will be received any different.

heh, i doubt you'd get any complaints at all if you just filmed it in a regular engine like Tomaz, Darkplaces / GQ / Fitzquake (or JoeQuake minus the textures). And 284 MB is a huge download for an 11 minute run, sure to put people off. That's a shame, because there is so much talent in the speedrunning community to show off. 
About Custom Engines... 
Why does everyone talk about darkplaces or tomazquake or fitzquake? Just get fuhquake and be done -- fuh is the most comprehensive and up-to-date qw client out there. 
darkplaces, tomazquake, and fitzquake aren't qw clients. 
right on 
hey i just bought a rabbit and im saddend that the movie on the link does not work for me, i have currently got the whole car gutteed for COMPLETER rebuild, using as little money as i can(I just shaved the rear emblems using no i shaved my emblems, got all the trim off and am totally redoing every part of the body.
Wow, 11 minutes to fully finish Quake in speedrun mode: it's rather impressive !! The player really needs to know very well all the levels... but I'd rather prefer "fighting" video than "running" video... there is more action... it's just my point of view... Anyway, it was funny to see it ;) 
We Live To Serve 
It's not finished in the way the rabbit run is yet, but here:

you can find quake completed on easy skill in 33:38 with all kills and secrets (the latest nightmare version of this is even less finished, but there QdQ has a version done in 59:31). 
Watch TRR In Quake! 
Since the topic has surfaced for some reason, I'm gonna take the opportunity and point out that the Rabbit Run has recently been released in a Quake friendly PAK version.

This way, you decide what engine you want to watch it in, you choose your own settings and your favourite set of textures and effects!

go to and download it. 
...that was fun. Some of E4 was jaw dropping. Thanx Mathias! 
Rock N 
this thing is awesome if you watch it it will blow yuo away 
Rock N 
this thing is awesome if you watch it it will blow yuo away 
Posted On 2003/09/18 
Thanks for this 
this has been around for ages/aeons.. why comment now?

quake done chopped ftw! >:) 
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