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Who Is The Hottest, P0rkworthiest, Mapper??
Votes please ladies and yeah ah um whatever.

Pictures please. No use just guessing.

I reckon Peej* is in with a chance. Maybe Bal** too with teh goatee of do0m.

* okay so I guess we're including ex-mappers.

** as in really, really ex-mappers.
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I'd Do Your Friends, JPL 
At Least 
Jago has some bloody clothes on this time~! 
Jago Stole My Leather Jacket! 
I've Seen You Before 
Didn't you use to sell bongs and pipes at my local head shop? 
That Pic Sucks Tho 
More Of A Ed Norton, 
American History X vibe in that picture 
I have too much of a horse face to even be anywhere near Edward. 
Every windsurfers are my friends ;) 

Damn you beat me to it...

Actually, you look quite hot in that picture, even despite being an oddball on here. 
It IS conical? 
Viet Hat... 
At least it will ease vietnamian hat use ;P 
looks like he escaped from a mental institution or some reform school. grow your hair back , I'm serious 
I Decided 
to immortalize our beloved asaki 
I want to grow it back but it won't happen without a little help of Rogaine. :( 
New Pic 
no more pics, u are destroying the image of all func_ users being human and vaigly normal in appearance...

PS shambler rename to photobler and upload some shots k

/me seconds that 
Jago Is T3h Sexy 
I can say that because he's bi, and it's not gay because it's the internet.

But seriously, you got this new-age psuedo-Vincent Price look goin on. Spooky. :D 
How The Hell Did This Topic Get To 325 Posts. 
Worst topic evar.

Jago, you might not be gay but you look incredibly gay, in fact the gayest looking mapper by a long way. 
looks like the disturbed kid on Desperate Housewives.

uhm, I was it for the MILF tits, I swear! 
Was = Watch 
ah, fuck me 
Hello <- don't wank off to this, it's illegal for 4 more days, but SOON you will all have release. 
Poor Bastard 
you got a face ugly enough to make me lose faith in God AND Darwin. 
Ah Right. 
Yes, I vote haircut. 
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