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Motion To Ban OTP Please. 
and make it so spy can only post in that one.

lol, yeah just make it happen 
PLEASE disable anon posting. The spam bumps are really tedious. 
or capcha - or something 
No Capcha 
We should not make it more tedious for actual members to post, but we should make it very difficult for spammers. 
Add an extra text field with a friendly name to the form. Hide it using css for humans. If it has data as part of post request, it was an automated spam. Won't eliminate all of it, but should work often enough. 
wow almost 200 spam posts in less than a couple hours all in one thread?

With the second batch containing the title "Stay Vigilant"?

it definitely couldnt be spam from one of the loudest proponents for removing anon posts. thatd just be crazy! 
Congratulations on misreading "Site Help" as "Beef Thread".

And no, it wasn't me. I was busy talking to Terry Cavanagh about the (trigger warning just for you) job!!! (sorry if the sight of this word offends you) I'm doing for his upcoming game, would be rather hard to do that and also keep spamming posts.

Thanks for the consideration though, I'm glad that my arguing against anonymous posting gets recognition in such high circles. 
oh wow some classic func_xenophobia. classic. keep up the great work! 
Is there such a thing as autoxenophobia?

On topic though - hidden field helps with a huge chunk of bots. If this board is not written in Perl I can contribute a patch. 
The Solution to Your Situation 
Is This A Real Kinn 
The Solution to Your Situation - A special sermon from Benny Hinn 
FYI: I am working on a code change to restrict posting by anons to only permanent threads. 
At the very least allow it in release threads too please 
Get fucked. 
FYI: I am working on a code change to restrict posting by anons

Excellent move...

to only permanent threads.

...ah. Hmmm...would it not be better to restrict it to just a single "anonymous bullshit and beef" thread - that way we wouldn't see 99 anon thread bumps in the Mapping Help thread by *cough* not spy at all *cough cough* 
To Be Fair 
I also would prefer if anon posting was restricted to just GA.

(thanks metl, btw!) 
i'd agree with kinn here then.
need to be free from anon morons on the rest of the func tbh (except beef crap).
kinda tired of exhumed posts of old that move new ones below.... 
Then GA Becomes The Beef Thread 
I also would prefer if anon posting was restricted to just GA.

Then GA just becomes the beef thread.

I wanted to add at this point a link to a youtube clip of Angry Frank's (from Harry Enfield and Chums) famous catchphrase, but it seems the internet hasn't quite caught up yet with the classics. To wit:

Is that what you want? 'cos that's what'll 'appen! 
Let It Become Beef Then. 
It will make an excellent argument for pulling the plug on anon posts entirely. 
I don't mind GA becoming the new beef thread. 
Thanks Metl 
Really useful at this time. Please, definitely restrict it only to GA or Beef thread, even news threads have become swamped recently. 
2 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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