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I Agree With Restricting Anon Post To One Single Special Thread 
Other than that, thank you metl for taking the time and implementing this at all! 
Thanks metl. 
The Change Is Live Now. 
Anonymous users cannot create threads, and can only post in "permanent" threads. 
Thanks Metl 
Thank You Metl 
Thank You! 
Next Step Of War 
now the're registered users that spam and registered today (4th july):

i wonder if we can block them somehow for ever

post #2676 in Mark V - Release 1.00 
I'm away from Func for several days. Metl restricts anon posting. I come back to multple threads with new posts. And there is only one single spam post instead of dozens.

:qthonk: :qthonk: :qthonk:

Ggwp metl! 
Omg Shums Back 
Yeah it's almost freaky. Good stuff metl. :ok_hand:

But....who's this joker? 
Good Stuff Metl 
I lurk quite a bit nowadays but it has been a pain the arse to open up threads with 15 spam posts (for example in the mark_v thread). 
Can we have anons off permanent threads too please. 
doing the spammer's work for them now? :) 
A [code] tag would be really helpful. 
It feels like most spam could be prevented by simply blacklisting the word "Jersey". 
Hold Up. 
Ya wanna blacklisht the name of my shtate? Vafangool!! 
Though blacklisting it in the title is probably enough. No need to blacklist it in the body. 
Killing anon posting across the board would be better than blacklisting certain words after a couple of days of spam. I don't see the latter being a long-term solution. 
Ggwp On Jobs And Mappers Metl 
Errr That's Not Sarcastic. 
Thanks for looking at it and planning to deal with it. 
annnnnnnnnd now theyve moved to GA

fugg it, shut the whole site down. was good while it lasted, friends. 

Are the bots getting even more broken and dumb? 
or hackers gonna hack.... guess i need to clean that up 
it does reveal a couple of flaws in my link code ... in some cases the URL to view the user doesn't select the correct user that was displayed on the people page.

For example one user is Smith' OR 1=1 OR '1'='1 but the hyperlink just goes to the Smith page 
Getting Emails About Responses To Posts Or Updates 
Hi all does anyone know how to make your threads get emails when they are updated? don't see much of an options area here...thanks. 
1 post not shown on this page because it was spam
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