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This is the forum to ask questions about this website, report things that are broken, request features, etc.

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FYI, with SleepwalkR's help we just switch the site over to using HTTPS for everything.

I had to do some PHP fixes to remove any hard-coded "http" references in pages, so there is a tiny chance that it broke something, let me know if you guys see anything not working right.

Also let me know if you see any browser warnings like "parts of this webpage are insecure" or something like that. 
Nice One Metl And Sleepwalkr 
Thanks all!!!! 
Hello price list πŸ˜€ 
Hello price list πŸ˜€ 
Remove My Post #142 
Hi, canyou remove my post #142 posted by mwh on 2008/08/21 22:41:08 ? thanks, Jackson Franca 
Just uploaded a small change -- if you are logged out, you can no longer view "all" posts for long threads in a single page, it will limit you to pages of 25 at a time. (the forum UI still says "All X" but it just takes you to the first page of posts.)

If you are logged in, it still works as before. 
With nitin gone (I hope he's doing ok?), would it make sense to get a new moderator?

Maybe somebody in the western timezones. 
Maybe, the volume of activity here is pretty low, so it doesn't seem strongly needed, but I guess if people feel the lag time on getting news submissions approved is too high, or there's too much of a delay on deleting spam posts, we could consider it. I guess someone in australia/japan would be the best, since we already have UK, Moscow, and west coast US. 
Yeah, Okay. 
(what that means is that fw is australian and has been getting the bad end of news approval delay a bit) 
I keep linking the release threads on Quaddicted, but there's little point to it if only registered users can post in them. In my opinion, it should be allowed to reply in news threads without an account, even if only for the occasional casual/drive-by feedback that would otherwise be lost, and potentially bring back that 1% of activity to the board.
Contrary to previous claims, spam didn't seem like that big of an issue before in that regard. 
I disagree. The spam here was unbearable for a while. 
At Least Not 
much bigger than it was years before, and when it did increase was after access got restricted.

If it was unbearable or not is another topic i won't get into. 
I think it's worth linking from Quaddicted anyway. Func has links to discord, and QuakeOne forums, both of which are not usable without an account. It still helps connect different shards of the community.

However, I'm not currently willing to relax the posting restriction. We'd have to have some tech improvements to the board to be worth the experiment. The main problem, I think, is that spam still bumps a thread and still counts as a "new" post on the forum page. This makes it extra frustrating for people using the forum page to see what's new. 
yo muk here, i cant remember my password and my email in my profile is obfuscated so the password reset doesnt work. any help? 
check your email, I'll be able to help you later today. 

Can someone add my email to my original nic so I can recover it?

louismanning at gmail dot com

The site says there is no email associated with ijed :(

I can help you, but it won’t be until later today or tomorrow. 
I'm confused, it looks like your old account was last logged in today, which means, did you sort it out yourself? 
It seemed my phone had migrated the account info, so I corrected the munged email and used the forgotten password option.

I haven't received the email but should be able to recover since my phone still remembers whichever password it was.

Thanks for checking. 
Didn't receive the email so just changed the password from my phone. 
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