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This is the forum to ask questions about this website, report things that are broken, request features, etc.

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It's right next to the "upload animated avatar" and "post signature" options. 
I dont seem to see an options menu on my page...what am i missing? 
You're missing that Kinn is being a goober. 
There is no feature for that right now. Currently you just have to check back periodically to see if there are new posts. 
Ah Thanks 
Shows that im a func noob lol oh well thanks for the help and the comic relief lol 
E-mail notifications are outdated. Browser notifications with incessant "do you want to allow notifications for this website" popups are more modern. 
#2257 - #2260 may be relevant again. 
Yeah probably 
So I forgot my password and can't reset it as I have no e-mail address assigned to my account. How would I go about having it changed? 
Email me and we'll figure something out. 
Gg Wp Metl 
Changing thread status to news post is tha bizzle. 
thanks... working on a couple of other things right now too:

- demote discussion thread to post (and move into a small selection of permanent threads)
- add more permanent threads 
okay part of that is done -- Coding Help is now a permanent thread, and i re-ordered them to be a little more logical 
Thanks Metlslime 
Great tweaks!!! 
Posted 2x 
accidentally did that quick double-click on the submit button in the sm207 thread. sorry, thanks! 
Map Submissions - Question 
Hi, i have a question re submitting maps (in news section) - i posted 3 maps recently, two SP maps got posted but the 3rd one (deatchmach map) landed in general thread - is there some rule behind it, or otherwise, what was the reason? :) 
That was me, I felt that dm maps are generally not this board’s focus, most people here gravitate to sp. it’s not a hard and fast rule but with 3 submissions in a row it seemed like a good idea to give more attention to the sp maps 
I'd have approved the DM map as news as well.

But OTOH havimg a video instead of screenshots should be punished by a slow and lingering death. 
allright, noted :) 
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