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Food Thread.

* Shambler is now known as Foodbler
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.. is only an really efficient stimulant... for my bladder only !!! 
I Grow A Herb And Pepper Garden, 
and one variaty of Thai peppers -- a cute, bright orange thing that resembles a bell pepper folded in itself is sublimely hot and richly tasty at the same time. 
Tonights Dinner 
was a veritable FEAST of a submarine sandwhich with layers of turkey, ham , salami , green peppers, pickles, jalapenos, lettuce, and mustard, I even added a bit of parmesan cheese ontop.

BreakFast: Standard bacon n' eggs breakfast. Eggs kinda cold. Mom made me take a vitamin pill the size of scampie's abs. :( 
Two Milkshakes 
1 cup of milk,
1 tub of Crystal Lite Classic Orange
4 cups of Vanilla Ice Cream

Mix in a blender and dump in a glass and drink. Cream Sickle memories from your childhood will come pourin' from your eyes like an avalanche coming down a mountain.

1 jar of candied cherries
1 jar icecream topper pecans with syrup
Put into a blender and blend into a paste
Add 1 cup of milk
4 cups of Vanilla Ice Cream
1/2 a bottle of Guinness Stout (about 8 oz.)
Blend, shake and drink.
This will cleanse your soul of all that has trespassed it. 
that's what I need to have soon, is a good milkshake. I like to add maple syrup as a sweetener sometimes 
Re: Caffeine 
A bad idea is to put a little watermelon flavored vodka into your coffee. It doesn't help taste-wise. 
Watermelon Flavored Vodka 
is a bad idea under any circumstances. 
watermelon flavoured milk! 
Flavoured Vodkas... 
Chilli-flavour vodka pwnx0rs.

Pear drop, liquorice and parma violet flavours are also pretty nice. 
has this odd taste of rot quality about it, at least to my palette. So, even the thought of watermelon flavored milk or vodka makes me queesy. Sorry. 
What about watermelon-flavored-chocolate-covered-horse-rectums-with-ants-crawling-over-it-dipped-in-honey-and-roasted-over-a-slowly-burning-carcass?

I saw that on Fear Factor once. 
Well Shit 
man that was like a 10-line long word. shoot. 
Wasn't It Candied Cockroaches? 
For a million dollars I's even eat out Joe Rogan's mom. har har har 
I Don't Like Food 
I prefer drinking 
motherfucking CHEESE CAKE...oh this is good right now 
Buy Weird Food Here 
A Culinary Epiphany 
Made my usual Bangers 'n' Mash for dinner today, but was mortified when I discovered I'd run out of gravy O_O. In desperation I whipped up some Bisto Chip Shop Curry Sauce mix, and was subsequently very pleasantly surprised by this unlikely combination.

Suffice to say, the list of things I've tried that don't go well with curry sauce, continues to shrink. ^_^ 
Hallucagenic Foods 
Only food I know that makes you do this is Nutmeg. I forget what quantities, but it can provide entertainment for ~24 hours I hear, but too much can cause vomiting or, failing that, death. From what I hear, anyway.

Dont Smoke The Shrimp 
True Story: A few years back some friends of mine and I rented a beach house for a week. There was a fresh fish market a block down the road from us and I bought a huge quantity of shrimp, brought it back to the house, cooked'em, made a variety of sauces, and we all pigged out.

After eating, I was ready for some mood alteration and I got the bong out. However, I was engaged in conversation and I did not notice that what I was packing was discarded shrimp tails. I applied the lighter, took a hit and wound up belching out smoke that would make unfiltered Camels seem like fresh air in comparison.

I spent most of the night puking my guts out. 


I don't actually LOL that often, but . . . man, that image made me do it.

I had a buddy in college who used dip/snuff, and that beats the time he was stoned and accidentally drank from his spit cup instead of his beer. 

Good Job. 
What would scampie think eh!! 
P.S. Breakfast. 
Unfortunately didn't have this this morning, but still...

<Breakfastbler> full english/scottish: black pudding, white pudding, haggis, bacon, sausage (two types preferably), eggs (again two types), tattie scones, fried bread, beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, lots of hot toast 
I'd have to get up at, like, 5 AM to prepare that. 
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