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Brits In #terrafusion Meet?
As part of anal banter we were thinking how many evile Brits are in #tf and thought why don`t we all meet up at some point during the summer. So we can pissed and take the mickey out of each other, etc.

Suggestion was that it could be in London, one weekend in June. So far the following people showed an interest : Me, Sock, Bal, Sleepwalker and Moz. Oh and if anyone is feeling generous, Friction would come if his air ticket was paid for.

We were kinda thinking people like nonentity, Cardo, pingu, spog etc may be interested in coming as well.

So if interested peeps could post and say when they`re free in June, we`ll take it from there.
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Daz Said It All. 
Then again, I may not be able to do the 7th.

How does the 14th sound? 
I`m In The Us 
if they give me a visa. :-/ 
14th Is Good 
but same as Daz, any weekend is fine for me. 
Any weekend is (in theory) fine for me, just say when. 
Im Not Gonna Be Able To Come 
since i live in the us and have other obligations.... but make sure to take lots of pictures! and dont let the inside jokes get carried away ;) 
...of Card0 , i hear he has an agenda!

According to CardO, it is nonentity who has the agenda. 
post pics on a section in this board perhaps? 
Ok Then 
Lets go with the 14th of June. We need to discuss where we`re going to meet etc. Since sock actually lives in London, hopefully he should have some ideas on this front :). 
stringfellows? :) 
For that last time;






(I admit it was a non-monetary bet, but it amused me to wind up Card0) 
I`m going to email all the lovely people who expressed an interested and see if we can sort something out. 
Hmmm I am not sure if I can make the 14th.. I need to take some time off to recover from e3 crunch, so I might be out of the country :-(

Idea For Where To Go 
Remembered that last time I was in London, I went to the Trocadero and Funland. Which was nice. Maybe we could go there.

Trocadero :
Funland : 
I'm not sure if I can escape from the living hell that is my work, but if I do, wanna meet up in stockholm for the ride down? if you're going that is. 
I don't know if I'll be going yet, I'll contact you in someway when I do. 
that'll be great. 
Go To 
lazy dog if you wanna go clubbing in the evening. really nice place.

run by ben watt and jay hannan (forget which one is part of Everything But The Girl...damn my memory!) 
Since I will not be attending, I would like to request that someone address Paul as "Pauk" for me.

Also, considering the unlikelyhood that Vondur will be there, he would probably be appreciative if someone called him a bastard, too. 
People decide or at least discuss stuff damnit! For people like me that might come flying from abroad it's necessary to know if anything will happend in advance (=soon) for buying plane tickets and stuff. 
Tis a good idea. 
don't particularly count on me. sorry. 
I can't get away from work.

so no meat meet for me. 
It Looks Like I Can Come 
wrath and aard :( 
I cannot come :(...

/me cries 
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