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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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Release Candidate 
Okay, I worked on the release candidate all weekend and it is now uploaded.

Changes include:
-better framerate
-better lighting
-better item/weapon placement
-various bot optimizations
-all grate areas except the two large ones changed to solid to make RL/GL more useful
-MH is not as fussy to get
-no more MH in Tourney
-more detailing
-misc. texture screw-ups fixed
-custom bot added

Bots will now go for the RA, but still get retarded and fall to their deaths upon occasion. Human players probably will too, until they get a feel for things.

Oh yeah, and I changed the mapname. It's now "Cremaster Conditioning", which is a bit of an obscure joke . . .

Let me know if something sucks; I'll probably wait a week or so before going final. (~2.5 meg) 
May The Bee Be With You.

It's exceedingly silly that the cable doesn't follow physics properly, but i'm a silly mapper like that. 
Now that looks sweet. Respect the uberpipe! 
Sexy Even 
Looking good there Friction. Quality stuff, got any more shots from various locals within the room? Looks like there is some quailty pipe work and I'd like to admire it more. Feed me more. 
It needs barrels. 
Shadow - looks better, a little plainer of course, but more natural if you get my drift. Bricks aren't a prominent ceiling material...

Fric - cool stuff, like the brown theme. Do you have a "big pipe" fetish eh boy! P.S. If you release a map WITHOUT the Bees crate, you will be forever ostracised from the mapping community =).

Jago - good stuff, coming along nicely there, keep it up. 
*AHEM* More Q1SP Mappage... 
I've Got The Blues 
This might end up in a separate map. I've been using quite a lot of textures so far. People like multi map SP missions better anyways. Right? Right?? :( 
Same As Before... 
Jago, looks good. I like the white lights although they need to give off a little more light.

Fric, looks good, for a small area. Looks "convincing" which is important in D3... 
Friction: Nice. Again.
Jago: Post pics of different areas please. But looks good. 
Re: Screenshots 
Friction: Nice.

Jago: Nice also. I really like that area. 
biggest issue I have is with that ladder... looks way too bulky. perhaps if you either made the siderails smaller, or did like in efdmX maps and chopped the outer edges a bit that would help. 
definitely the best looking custom d3 shot I've seen so far. SP or DM?

Either way, at least it's not for q3 :) 
what i've been noodling with...shots are a couple days old now but you get the idea 
friction, I saw your pic on the d3world forums when browsing through some of the tripe there. And thought to myself... well this 'ere looks like the only thing worthwhile so far...

I didn't bother to check who posted it at the time... 
Looks pretty Q3ish. I think you need to ask yourself what the purpose of this building is. We don't need to necessarily know what goes on here, but it's nice to get the impression that this really is a useful building. 
That Looks Suspiciously Like Pope4 
it looks like the quake map it's a remake of! 
reminds me of jesus 
You knew Jesus? 
I Knew Him On A First Name Basis 
he was brilliant at pinball

pope: the doom 3 stuff looks solid, maybe needs more contrasting lighting? More detailing/pipes/crates/crates/pipes? 
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