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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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I checked out the two DMs, and I'm quite fond of Hothouse--pretty cool theme you put together there, nice layout too. It's late and I have other shit to get done tonight, but I'll get you some decent feedback sometime in the next day or two. 
Cool screenies nb. I like more the first one than the others, which are less beautiful, IMHO..
In the first screenshot, the yellow/orange walls with its top glass ceiling is a cool idea...
The second screenshot is more basic, and I rather see nothing of the level.. not more than the external part...
About the third, it remind me a Q2 like base, but the lightning effect are really well done on this multi-platform grey architecture..
The fourth and last one offers a good overview of the global architecture...
Well, even I'm not able to play Q3 levels, it's rather good.. go mapping now !! 
A Bit More Hothouse Feedback 

1. You're missing a texture--the one on the end of all the small lights. Let me know if you need a name and I'll check.

2. You can rocket-jump up from where the MH is and stand on the very lip of the glass, and jump up from there and see various ugliness. Just need to clip it a bit cleaner.

3. I love the jumps up to and up from the RG.

4. YA seems a bit close to MH. If you don't want to change map geometry and make a farther-away area for it, I'd at least consider moving it on up the stairs and in that highest perch.

5. The water bugs me. Granted, Q3 isn't exactly the icon of realistic physics, but how about having water in the lowest part of the level only, and adding some sort of flow marks or decals or something for the rest of the area where the water is now (and maybe some pipe outlets at the top)? Slanty water is bleh.

I love the layout and look of this level, and am looking forward to the final. 
Some moss here and there in the channel where the water is now (and water at the bottom)? 
Let me know if you need a name and I'll check
If you could, please. I can't reproduce it, which means it's somewhere not very obvious. There's always one...

Water - I was planning on at least changing the shader and making it flow downhill; probably adding some grates at the top too. Drying out the upper area and putting stain decals or moss there is an interesting idea; I will investigate further. I think I have some moss photosources somewhere...
MH clippage - noted; thank you.
RG jumps - :D, pity the bots disagree. Though the jump from the RG to the current YA carries a serious risk of bumping one's head on the low ceiling, which is kind of annoying, but the geometry seems to work so I kept it. 'Known issue', I guess.
YA/MH - Mm, true. That'd be whoreage waiting to happen in a 1v1. The high overlook should do for now; it's quite exposed to the main room, which should make things a bit more interesting. 
An Old School Beta... 
The func_msgboard be thanked for this.

I don't know where to start, in fact I can't stop at all.
You can find me on the Anapurna, considdering what I have done.

Hope to become an alpha soon. 
this one won't use GL, pure Quake1 as it is. 
...nightbringer might release!

More importantly 0.00 0.00 and -1

To be expected from an egoist. 
Forsooth, the clenching brings me, to the extrapolating of a Demon? That is the gift, if indeed a truth.

I'm Shocked 
I just don't know what to make of the world anymore. 
looks nice new with the thinner railings like we spoke about earlier tonight. good work. 
Very Nice Nonny 
We need more inspiring shots like such in here 
Yes, looks nice... but just a question: what the "yellow logo" on the platform ?? Is it a lightning effect or something else ? 
Missing Light Texture 
Never mind; found it. nblights.shader missing from the pk3. Still, better than the previous beta - I forgot the sky... 
The screenie looks quite nice, I just can't say anything about the ceilingdesign because it's a bit dark up there...

One thing that looks quite odd to me is the railing. I don't like how it's seperated into three parts (bended one at the platform and two for each stair section). Imho it would look better if it's one continuous railing. I hope my babbling makes sense to you...

That "yellow logo" is a glowing rune, something quite common in D3... 
Gom Jabbar 
Thank you... I didn't know glowing rune, because I still haven't found time to buy Doom3 :( ... but it will come sooner... I hope... 
Yeah, it's one of the large set of runes in the decals folder.

And happens to be being used as my RL marker 
Large Areas Consume My Soul

Old shot, looks better now. Honest. Crates. 
Nice one, certainly tis' a large area, larger than most in D3. Good style. Brown is the new brown. The crate entrance looks ominous. This one is looking good. 
Looking Good Fric 
Nice stuff there. Like sham said thats larger than most indoor bits in D3 that I can remember. Keep it up. 
looks good mostly, but i see the same problem with the lighting that i saw in some of the id maps -- you have a large area lit by a whole bunch of really small lights, and the result is that the screenshot doesn't gel as a whole. We see a bunch of little bits of architecture, and assume they are connected, but to me they look like they are all sort of swimming in this black soup or something. Like they're a collage put together from various screenshots.

Fewer lights that stretch farther would solve this problem, but i understand that there is a tricky balance with how many light volumes overlap and how many passes there are on a surface. Anyway, that's my complaint.

P.S. I noticed the alpha labs and levels in that part of the game seemed to have the worst problem with this, and starting with the delta labs things seemed to improve a lot in this regard. Not sure if it was just a different mapper or what.

Anyway, if you want more info about this, i can try. It seems like a pretty important part of getting lighting to look good in doom3, but it's hard to explain exactly why it looks wrong when you don't do it. 
I Know Exactly What You Mean 
And i've taken some measures to fix the issue already while doing light optimizations. Color of the day is GREEN and lots of it. Using huge lights with flares up at the ceiling and then illuminating the floor area just with one non-shadowcasting light gives quite good illusion of proper radiosity lighting. Especially when beefed up with shadow casting local lights at logical places. This of course won't keep lightcounts in the red, but careful planning keeps them at least in the green zone. The walkways surrounding the lower area are actually much worse offenders than the pit, pillars or ceiling, but it's not that apparent from that (old) picture. 30FPS at worst at this point.

Btw, ID kinda cheats and uses fog in almost all really large spaces. And go totally overboard with lightcounts at times. 
Been Fixing The Issue, Not Done Yet... 
...but better. (levels adjustment done in photoshop for those unlukcy ones with shitty dark monitors) 
If you're using D3Radiant, how do you align textures nicely? I've only played with it for a bit, but it seems overly reliant on fit-to-brush. Not being able to move textures texel-by-texel is irritating. 
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