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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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So Like 
screenshots should be posted in the fmb100 thread, to keep everything balanced. 
Screenshots Are At The Top Of The Newsthread Q1SP FMB100 
no, i mean screenshots of other maps. 
Ooops! I'm a bit slow. 
That Great Quake Engine... 
Changed the progress status to released in the
Now everything is vanished, strange work in the pipeline... 
3rd Pic 
looks decent, but break up the texturing because it looks repetitive.

1st and 2nd pics also look ok, but remove that stained glass texture or whatever that is from the 2nd pic. 
I really like 1st and 2nd screenshots: The red-base texture is used in a cool way.. The 3rd remind me more some "metal" world from the Quake's episode 3... Well, it's ather a good work, so keep it up guy !! 
I Like That Third Shot. MadFox 
Empty Titles Don't Like Me 
Very nice. Light the floor and you're golden. 
i think every screen shot you've posted, someone has mentioned that the floor needs to be lit. ^_^ 
in my case they always say the mapper is lit, so you are doing good. Those Ikbase panels look good enough to eat off of, Jago. 
Maybe some fribbles inspired floor washers would do good, from each side of the room. 
Doom3 XP Screens 
I'll post it here cuz it seems the place to go.
Looks good to me. 
Looks Quality 
I just saw those myself. They look good, it might be the first expansion pack I ever purchase. The one monster, that stands upright and has the things hangin from the torso, I think I've scene ealier Doom 3 shots with him in it. Looks like they might of pushed him out to the expansion and used more imps instead.

Besides that, looks like it's full of quality mappery from what is show. Who else will pick up this? I am the only one that doesn't like expansion packs? 
There Are Some Good Shots In There 
The problem with fps expansion packs is that it almost always means more guns for the sake of having more guns. If you're holding ten weapons at any given moment, at least five of those are useless unless ammo supplies dictate otherwise. I'm worried that the D3 expansion will follow in the footsteps of Turok and have increasingly ridiculuous weapons of armagedon-sized levels of destruction, but with ammo you can only find if you're so good you didn't need it anyways. 
There Are? 
That link has no Doom3 screenshots whatsoever.

The one monster, that stands upright and has the things hangin from the torso

Uh ... maybe it's best I not see this? 
Doom3 W3rdage... 
Shots: Yeah they look cool to me, looks like more doom and some nice enviroments and cool monsters and stuff.

Prod: You didn't buy Scourge, The Reckoning, and Na Pali?? Shame on you boy.

Push: I agree, it is a worry for me that this will add more shit for the sake of it, in fact I get that a lot with mission packs, the stuff added never quite feels like it blends in, it always feels a bit extra. Scourge was probably the best at avoiding that, everything it added was different and worthwhile. Well, we can hope....I'd just rather have more D00m3... 
Apparently the article has moved. It was there yesterday. 
New QW Mod And Map Running. 
Day\nite cycling, helicopters, AAGUNS, laser ball...too much to list check it out.

parachute = bind key to chute
flashlight = bind key to flashlight 
Ummm Yeah. 
That makes me want to uninstall Quake and then commit suicide. 
Never Know... 
I'll play the Devils advocate here and say - It might play more fun than it looks. 

Doom 3 Expansion Screens - The Revenge 
I was one of the ones who missed these on Gamebiz the other day... I just noticed that Tiscali Games also posted a set of images on the 8th, which I presume are the same ones. So for the benefit of anyone that hasn't seen them yet:

Hopefully it will have helicopters and parachutes. 
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