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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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FSPM Beta 6/RC1: The Final Countdown 
BETA 6 LAST ONE I SWEAR! (unless someone finds a major boo-boo)

Added and tweaked weapons placements.

Changed the sewer secret train to a lift. Simpler and less noisy.

Minor stuff you won't notice probably. 
I rounded up my escher model with a skin texture. I wanted it to use it in a map. Bad is that is rather long, so its bbox won't crawl through holes as I wanted. Also don't wanted to fight it .., more like a passive atribute, but yeh, quake is a shooter, so I couldn't resist it.
A bit strugling with the qc to get it run and roll togling.


"pertinaxis_desastrious" a bacteria that lives on chips and silicium. 
I Love It, Madfox 
How does this thing attack? 
It Doesn't Have To Attack 
Whilst Ranger is busy "wtf"ing at it, that's when the other monsters get the drop on you.

Clever girl... 
Secret Project 
Madfox, could you email me a copy of that model? I've had this idea for an animation gimmick in Quake for a while, and that creature is the perfect candidate to try it... 
On Its Way 
Some lingering monsters, an amonite or so..,

I had this intention earlier to add a population of statics, to serve as eyecandy. Things like birds that just fly arround to enlightened the grimm of the dark.

Right, as if a flog of squeeking ravens would comfort me.:P
No, they will attack me and I will defend myself.

It is just that this kind of attitude does not fit in Quake. A static won't move, a bird jumps over from walkmove to flymove. To much hussling with code I'm not familiar with. (yet) To make a walkmonster_go and a flymonster_go it has to switch between these two scripts, and I learnd with my amphebian this isn't the easiest way to do it.
The same goes for beez. Making a flog isn't that hard, but the bbox widthold its appearance. And a bbox for every bee costs to much entities.

It must be possible to adjust only one black point in game, that could function like that. I wish I had the knowhow to do so. From there it would be easy to make beez, or add fleez to an Ogre.

But whatever, it seems anything has to be shot in Quake, even a lost refugee who has done anyhing but being there. I won't mind if I loose my shells on shooting ravens, but I first have to make them fly and land. 
Maybe you can adapt Cannonball's code from the X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse mod for the raven you want to make. I remember that Cannonball could walk and fly in this mod.

X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse is free, you can download the game and the sourcecode from this page:

look for cannon.qc and cannon2.qc 
Ha, yes I found it. It seems to convert with a FlyThink. Never would have come up the idea.

Thanks for the hint! 
How Crows Would Feel In Quake1 
Here is the first impression how Crows would act in Quake1. I can get them stand and walk, not in one row sadly. As soon as I add run I also need to make them attack, so no space for free wandering still. 
Great Fucking Idea Madfox 
I'd like to see them blacker tho. Also any way to make a 'skybound only' setting? 
How Zombies Would Squeel 
It is an old concept of Necros, trying to port a H2 raven model to quake. It ought to just surf around, sit down and pick around, fly in flogs, gather.

Quake doesn't have that many th_entity settings, so I split up the stand and walk functions in two toggable poses, and took the run function for fly.

Still was confronted with the error it would only walk with two seperated files. So one can be used for sky tracing only. It still will attack though.

Bad intentions for standing wagon wheels with hanging zombies and crows on top, burning cities in the background.

I keep getting a noreply on your email adress, is something broken? 
Quake Ravens 
are awesome. 
First Release, Looking For Feedback 
Hello everyone! This is a medium to small-sized base map I was working on for almost a month now, and potentially my first Quake release. It is not in the final state yet, and any kind of feedback is appreciated, including demos! You can DM me in discord @ Mista Heita#9082

Quoth and protocol 999 is required. Tested, working with QS/QSS.
Some screenshots 
Those screenshots look lovely.

Protocol 999 for a "medium to small-sized" map, though? Shouldn't that only be required for Ter Shibboleth-sized monstrosities? 
It's Not Big, It's Deep! 
There are a couple of pits that are just over 4k coords, hence it launches under 999. 
It's just me always testing it with QSS, so it always launches it @ 999. Just tested with regular QS - works with 666! Sorry! 
Heh, that sounds more reasonable :) Remember the limit is 4096 in all directions from the centre, so you effectively have 8192 units of playable area to work with from the very top to the very bottom of your map (or from one side to the other).

And don't quote me on this, but as far as I know for areas the player can never reach, you can even go over that and still have you map work with protocol 666. 
@Mista Heita, Your Map Is Really Impressive 
I wasn't really planning on playtesting it, but curiosity got the better of me. Here's a bit of feedback; make of it what you will.

It looks absolutely fantastic. You must have mapped for other games, right? This does not come across as a first map at all. Beautiful brushwork, clean texturing, and great environmental storytelling. The fog could be toned down a bit, though.

Nice sock-style pseudo start map, although not including easy skill is so 1997. :P

Found 3 of 8 secrets, though I wasn't really looking. Can imagine myself going back and secret hunting in the final version of the map, since you have created such a beautiful, interesting space.

Overall, gameplay is good, albeit in need of a bit more polish in my opinion. The following applies to skill 1:

The first part of the map needs more ammo. By the time I encountered the first flamethrower enforcer (or whatever they're called), I was completely out of shells. The map had only given me a shotgun and SSG at that point, so this was a problem. Cheating myself 50 shells solved the problem, so I'd suggest adding ~50 shells (or even a few more) somewhere in this part of the map.

After that, health becomes very scarce, which make the map very unforgiving. As Quoth monsters can deal a lot of damage very quickly, not providing more health pickups leaves your players very little room for mistakes. I'd suggest a couple extra health pickups on skill 1.

The final fight is an impressive piece of choreography, but the small space combined with a large number of high-tier monsters makes for an overly brutal experience. Had to switch on godmode to survive. Needs to be toned down for skill 1 in my opinion. Neither ammo nor health is a problem here; there are simply too many monsters dealing damage to the player at once with very little room for escape and avoidance. In addition to reducing the number of monsters, perhaps having a slightly longer delay between waves would help, so as to give the player a bit of a chance to take stock and strategise.

No demo, sorry. :( As I said, wasn't really planning on playtesting.

Once you've ironed out the kinks, this is going to be a stunning debut map! 
Yea, I've made just a couple of maps for HL2 in the past, for small competitions.

Thank you for playing! Will look into those. 
Can't Play Currently 
but those shots look SICK. nice moody, not unsophisticated lighting, and I'm generally a fan of 'midsized to tight' spaces in quake maps 
First Maps Screenshots 
Absolute Beginner 
Yes, good idea's, lightning is good! It looks like some good maps can be made with it.
Add some decoration and watch out for texture alignment. 
Oldschool vibes with modern lights 
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