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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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Neat. The streched tile texture in the second shot could use improvement - mask the c/p transitions. 
A Small Wip 
Looks Great 
Which engine?

Point of fact, which game?

The green tiles look a bit washed out... personally I'd go for a terracotta or something, to tie in with the other details / lighting.

If you're wanting the red/green contrast maybe a bit more saturation. 
Those are Unreal Tournament textures ... so maybe UT? Looks good though! I've always loved that set. 
havent seen that used in a while.

Needs more saturation though like ijed said. DM or sp? 
It's UT 
It's DM.

Here's another 'wider' view of the area. The area on the immediate left hasn't been touched really so try to ignore that. 
Wow, UT 99? Awesome! Love that set... Definitely break that floor up with some tiling variation or something. 
I Suggest 
trying some of the converted WoT floor textures. 
I've been looking for some tile variation textures so I can do patterns of some kind on the floors. Floor textures seemed to be over looked in past games.

Not sure where to find the WoT textures. Unless it's quake, finding things for older games is tough. 
not sure either. I imagine if you grab a WoT themed UT map though, such as dm-baal, they would be in the unr? 
Beta Testing 
anyone interested? if i could get one or two testers for a q1sp, that'd be great.
email me at the address listed on func. :) 
Slow Progress 
The courtyard/plaza area is getting close to being completed. Still more details to add. 
looks like a good place to be! :) 
That Looks Great 
The Mission Landing soundtrack from UT started playing in my mind when I'd seen these screens..

How goes e2m2 Ricky? :) 
Very Nice. 
Put some tables and chairs out, I'd drink a cold beer there for sure homie. 
I Like That Look 
lighting needs tweaking though 
If your PC does not melt I highly recommend you enable some Anti-Aliasing. 
Wish I Could 
I lost my PC in the divorce but got to keep the old laptop. Anti-aliasing isn't even an option in the ATI control center. :( 
I like those screenshots a lot. Keep it up. And make a quake version from it :) 
RE #6641 
TBH I havent started on it yet, but I have been working on finishing e2m1 since I last committed a version. Its even bigger now :P
Building the last room rly.
I keep thinking of starting on e2m2 but I would have to keep loading different textures into WC and that puts me off. 
Some non-quake stuff if anyone is interested, just to update this thread for the sake of updating it and because I'm bored...

Something for Thief 2, slowly getting there. Exterior is pretty much based off of the manor of Ditton, since I really liked the simplicity of its design, but won't be completely the same either. Still very WIP.
Image 1 | Image 2

Ditton photos;
Ditton 1 | Ditton 2

And just something I've been messing around with in DarkRadiant for The Dark Mod. Again very early, but my focus right now is the Thief 2 project, on and off. Image 
How goes the map? 
still progressing slowly but still going :) my time is so short my friend...


I wish my bosses dont give me so much work, :\ since I have new responsibility and ~more � less time also came :\ 
Pretty Cool Looking Q3 Ctf Map By Noruen 
couple of screenies. I love the terrain work. 
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