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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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looks badass. id games tend to present a coherent art style that can be expanded upon or reinterpreted, in some cases that style is way too narrow (ahem doom3), but it's nevertheless there. in contrast, epic games seem to have map themes totally up for grabs. that has its own strengths, but it's always a pleasure to see new, unique versions of "id hell" like the above shots. badass terrain indeed. 
What am I missing? These shots don't really look particularly impressive. Admittedly #2 peeks my curiosity, but #1 is just plain bad. 
looks like an interesting mix between medieval and q1met. i'm not a fan of the texture used for the steps, but i always loved the blue/yellow floor tiles. :)
poor jesus seems to be a popular guy in this map. ;)

i don't think rotating the dragon windows 90 degrees is a good idea though, as they are clearly drawn to be oriented vertically.

what could be interesting is if you recolour all 3 of the dragon windows to share the same colours, you could place them all side by side without looking repetitive. the dragon windows look quite cool, imo. well, i also love the sunbusrt/dagger window as well. oh, and the flaming wings/sword one too. ok, i like all the window textures. ^_^; 
Looks Cool 
Can't wait to play it in low-res textures :P 
hehe :) my time these days are really very small :\

But I still mapping be patient!!! :)

Just don�t expect a map like tchak :( don�t have time for so much brushes these days, but I�m still with will to map and is already a good thing!

This map still needs lots of fixes in lights and in some textures was just a warm up.

I didn�t born to map like necros and some guys in here, but I try to make maps fun to be played ;) so don�t expect a brilliant work, but a good effort from me you guys will find!


onetruepurple I forgot to rename the directory of textures. 
Yes, Trinca! Yes! 
I especially like the spotlights and the carved ceilings :) 
Quick Shot 
Lighting isn't done in this area. Just added some torches so I can see. 
mental screenshot...

you walk into a large room, ikblue room with those interlocking blue stone floors.

there's a massive machine in front of you, suspended from the ceiling. a conveyor belt is beneath it. stacks of blue bricks are everywhere.

you watch as a nozzle moves down over the conveyor and pours some blue slime onto the belt. it's a tarbaby!

luckily, you are hidden, so it doesn't react.

the conveyor starts to move with the tarbaby still on it. it moves the monster out of view into another large machine.

a moment later, out pops yet another blue brick that falls down amidst the piles.

Eat less cheese before you sleep... 
BTW, necros, I love this compiler UI you wrote. I use it all the time! 
give link =) 
I think it was that level efficieny thread or whatever it was ... something about "how do you map?" iirc? I forget.

But yeah, looked promising, wish it got finished. 

instructions on how to set it up with the link on the bottom. (setup takes maybe a couple of minutes but after that the settings are saved in a config.ini file) 
Sounds well cool :D 
"max leafs visible: 666 near (208 304 -384)"

Nice :) 
Must warn you though - I bought some stuff from the grocery store the other day and the reciept was for �6.66p. Unbenownst to me at the time I did infact at that very moment drop my wallet and spent 24 hours wondering where it was (only to retrieve it from the store the next day). 
And It's Mine.., Mine.., And Only 
hhehe n9ice pic! 
Started Something

Granted it's not even a wall and a whole ceiling, but first map I've started outside of work in years. 
...bricks on beams.

Other than that, cool, welcome back. 
:( is not Quake :|

delete and start a Q1 map! 
Its got that ProdigyXL style already =) 
... shot, indeed ;) 
a wall and ceiling surrounded by blackness. truly an awe inspiring map. 
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