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Drunk Thread
All of your drunk thought should be posted here. You should not flood the GA thread while you're drunk. Just post it here.

All af your most crazy drunk posts must exist here, cause it's a drunk thread. Don't be affraid to show it.
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i don't see any drunk demos do far. Why?

btw i'm drunk again btw 
Drunk Demos 
i tried it once. not very entertaining. just meant it took me longer to kill things, and i died earlier... 
Hmmm. I shall try that tonight perhaps, when I get DRUNK. But I don't know how to record a demo anyway, so maybe I won't. Any map suggestions? :) 
Feel good. tipsy really, but feel good. So, who wants to chat? 
I figured this should go in the drunk thread.
I cussed scampie out, played qw with him, and beat him 18-17. Don't hate me scampie, just be nicer more. S'all. Drunk thread brings happiness to some I think. I'm drunk, don't hate me. 
I've been drinking and I'm browsing func_, so I feel obligated to post here.

Honestly... this is a dumb thread. 
Yeah, it is. I'm also drunk-ish. Waiting to get my Tequila. Then we'll see. 
Yeha so trhe drunk thread return!!! LOLOLO!

Yeah enough qmd, so like W T F mates!

I am currently listening to Scott Brown - 10 Years of Hardcore cd2. Which is totally old skool and rockinging, evolution records make me wet, and I am not even a woman. I shit u not!!

and fo sho'! Stop bitching about doom 3 base maps! Doom3 does base so well u scrat ends!!!! shutup and lap it up u q3 hugging mofos!

omg EV49 Roll The Track :D:D:D:D:D:D

Yeah RoE is cool, Loving it so far, just got to hell, and it is blowing off huge boners for me atm. Though the hazmat section did blow a biut imo!!

Also playing KOTOR2, which ownz!!! Just got a lightsabre (I rock), so will ow n everything obviously!!! Yeah

Another terrifying intro!!!!!!

Sorry tunage getting to me.

Where is shambler exactly? This board sucks without him!!!!! (oOOhahHH!!)

Omg games rule. now fuck off and play for fucks sake u fucking scrat ends!!! 
Shambler mentioned on one of his other sites that he'd be going away for a few months. 
are you drunk or not? 
Well, My Theory Is, 
and it is obvious. Shambler has traveled to Austin to consult with Romero on the Quake1 remake because all of those ideas he came up with that one night got back to Romero. Do you think he'll take to Tex-Mex BBQ? 
Romero will just put all shmabler's ideas for a quake sequel into a java cellphone game and change the names of stuff so as not to infringe on id's intellectual property. And include a black sidekick called PimpDaddy Thompson or something. Fo' sho. 
Shambler has gone to south africa to shamble things!1 
A Song To Scampie 
If you're Scampie and you know it ban your friends
If you're Scampie and you know it ban your friends
If you're Scampie and you know it and you'll never ever bone it
If you're Scampie and you know it ban your friends.

I'm drunk. 
[22:44] <scampie> hahaha that sucks
[22:44] <ZweiKindaDrunk> yeah
[22:44] <ZweiKindaDrunk> it totally does
[22:45] <ZweiKindaDrunk> and like, i thought of that while i was sober too 
But I beat you twice while I was drunk.

And you beat me once, when I had like 260 ping.


Drunk Ressurection 
i found this thread dying while i was away. this is ungood...

i'm drunk so much today that i felt myself so freely to ressurect this thread for more drunk discussions 
People Are For Other People 
Yes well I went off to celebrate a friend's PhD thingy and well he had a keg so I helped myself. There were lots of people, and I knew almost no one. After a while I knew none of them. Well at least there was beer.

Trying to drink water to deminish the negative effects of alcohol. 
the negative effects of alcohol

Any examples? 
Getting Drunk 
means scampie will ban you from #tf for a couple days. Oh, negative effects you say?


Eventually, you'll run out. 
Any examples?

Hangovers. But that's only a negative effect if you're not a masochist. 
just double checking to see if the drunken rant I wrote last night about my ex wife posted. It didn't, thank God.

Now I'm not so sure this is a good idea for a topic. 
Like your wife would read the post. I say on with the ranting! On with the ex-wives! On with more booze! 
He He He 
Nah, I only think about her when I'm drunk and there is no one else around.

Maybe some funny stories about her next time I'm drunk, like about our last argument . . . she's a vegan, I'm a carnivore and the argument was whether Ted Nugent is an asshole. 
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