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Drunk Thread
All of your drunk thought should be posted here. You should not flood the GA thread while you're drunk. Just post it here.

All af your most crazy drunk posts must exist here, cause it's a drunk thread. Don't be affraid to show it.
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I've heard Nugent is really nice, but he's kind of a redneck (hunting and outdoorsy-stuff an all.) But, southern hospitality and all. I will join in the debate later tonight!! 
Isn't really known for its southern hospitality. 
My uncle, Ben Southard, invented the portable deerstand that is quite common among hunters now and owned the now defunct company Loc-On. Nugent owned a hunting shop in Michigan in the eighties and had my uncle design a custom stand for the shop. I met Nugent a few times and he really was understated and nice in person.

So I couldn't let her vegan lies go unchallenged. 
Southern Hospitality 
All about Ludacris yo! 
I Lost The The Whole Saturday 
thanks to excessive drinking of free wine and other stuff on friday, resulting in the worst hangover I've ever had 
I'd just like to point out that you can get drunk in World of Warcraft. 
Party Time 
Well, we had a party at office today due to many May birthday celebrations, and now I'm drunk... not fully, not as I can't walk, but yes.. I'm drunk...
Wow, it was a long time I was not drunk like this... not enough to fall, but enough to not be able to speak clearly ... ;) even in french.... 8P
Anyway, I decided to go back home... and try to play Quake in order to see if I'm better when I'm drunk... or not... not is the answer I guess... 
not be able to speak clearly [...] in french

For most of us that's difficult even when sober. 
... you suck... 
Not Drunk Yet 
but I got a warm fuzzy buzz from downing my second beer, and this is my warm fuzzy thought suffused from there of --

Dave Chapelle has done more to improve race relations in the US with his show than any dozen political advocacy groups put together. Hope to see him back soon. 
Always Rejected This 'thear'd' 
but no now 
Headthump Explain Your Reasoning 
400 words. double spaced. I will grade on a curve 
if you grade one person on a curve, they will always get the same grade: average. 
Sorry Blitz, 
this is the drunk thread
not the essay thread,

I may not even feel the same way about the subject without the aid of beer. But if I do, I might take you up on the essay.

Hey, ever see the Family Guy episode where the guys walk into a lesbian bar and Quigmire saunters up to a couple and says, "so, any of you ladies ever been penetrated?"

That was funny. 
I come across as such an asshole when I write on political topics. 
I've Just Finished My Last Beer 
time to start speed mapping! 
Family Guy is the most overrated cartoon I've ever seen. 
Oh Oh Zwiffle 
You didn't mean that! 
Your mom is the most overpriced asswhore I've ever seen. 
Oh I'm Drunk Again 
this time I have a good reason: i've successfully passed thru my first exam this summer... 
Congrats ! In anyway, passing sucessfully his exams is a very good reason to celebrate and then get drunk... ;) 
I Passed My Exams 
I celebrated like it was 1999.

By speedmapping.
Eat that, bitch. 
Back in 1999 you celebrated by speedmapping?

I am at work, and I am not drunk. Problem will be solved once I get home. 
1999 was a good year for a lot of illicit behavior, particularly involving things bearing astrological signs imported from Europe. 
But What Stands Out The Most From That Year 
was spending July the 4th alone on an island, roaming up and down the beach with out seeing a soul. Nothing but a bottle of Vodka, a bottle of Tripple-Sec and a pack of Camels to keep me happy. Waiting six hours for the tide to recede so I could hit the main island back out.

Good times. 
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