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A Place Of Malice [D3 ROE SP Map]

After this: <Rainbler> zombie FFS post about it on FUNC

I decided to make this post.

Today is the day I finally release my baby, it has been lots of hard work, and plenty of sweat. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it.

You MUST have the Doom 3 expansion pack Resurrection Of Evil to play this.

Screenshots, story, and download:

Thanks to the tf'ers who helped out during mapping this thing :)

Another link to the file, try not to abuse it please and don't link it somewhere else:

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the screenshots look sweet! too bad i deleted roe after playing.
downloading the map anyway - maybe i'll reinstall roe for this one... 
Very Cool. 
Yes. Very cool. I liked it. Got good value for sure. Equal to the Thomas C map in my own personal tastes, but for very different reasons. Good sense of menace. Great style. Rockwork was impressive. Like the way you return to where you were and it's like that. Gameplay was good, better in some places than others. The ending tailed off quite a bit though.

Might write more later. 
I really wish i had access to my "doom3-capable" machine at the moment. I've been looking forward to this map for a while now :} 
From The Screenshots 
this is the most original looking d3 level yet. Pity I cant play this. 
You Already Know I Like It 
It's all about the atmosphere. Love the broken stuff and lighting, love the cool moments with the fall ins and HK shizzle, and overall an impressive and ambitious map. Apart from a few niggly issues like lack of ammo, sparklies and difficulties with player movement this is all great stuff.

The start doesn't run too smoothly though. :o 
I Mostly Say The Same As BlackDock 
It's all about the atmosphere. Yes. Love the broken stuff and lighting, If only not every single piece of rubble was physics enabled and you got stuck on it, love the cool moments with the fall ins and HK shizzle, eh, it was ok. and overall an impressive and ambitious map. Apart from a few niggly issues like lack of ammo, Yup! sparklies Quite a bit actually. and difficulties with player movement Oh fuck yeah! this is all great stuff.

The start doesn't run too smoothly though. :o
No. It seriously ran at like 2 FPS, where I usually get 30-40 FPS.

Other stuff:
Should seriously have been clipped better. I don't know if you noticed but the hellknight statue that wakes up and greets you, is non-solid. Also stumbling over rubble, getting snagged on small pieces of brushwork, getting stuck in corners that I can't just strafe out of because there's a pebble in me way...

Come ON People. 
WTF are you doing not playing this or at least not commenting on it. It's an obviously good map and not just-another-base-map. Sheesh is this a forum that is appreciative of FPS maps or what??

Anyway Zombie already knows I like it but I'll try to give some more productive feedback.

Good things that stood out:
- The expansive scene on the train in, very nice.
- The temple style. Refreshing to see something other than a base.
- The eerie combat-less atmosphere to start, got me tense and excited.
- The initial ambusing combats, worked nicely due to their sparcity and not knowing what was going to happen.
- Exploration and non-linear paths, very nice.
- Psycho zombie ambush, scared me anyway.
- Moving Hellknight statue.
- Nice bit of hellage, like the mancubi combats too.
- The way things changed on your return.
- General vibe and design.

Bad things that stood out:
- Bits of rock got a little irritating.
- Not enough monster variety. Those new imp things are pretty blrgh, more monsters would have been quite a bit better.
- Room design a bit boxy to start.
- Hell bit could have been more complex, it felt a bit arenary.
- Hellknight got stuck in his alcove on the way back.
- End combat was....absent? Really needed some spice to finish off.
- Can get out of the bottom level in the final room and behind scenery.

So yeah. Hope that's useful. Glad someone's made a good map and something a bit different too. Big up D3 w3rd. 
I'd Play It 
But I don't have RoE. 
I'd Play It 
but my l33t computer is still at my parent's. 
He He He 
... nice design ... 
I Don't Have ROE Either... 
otherwise i'd be all over it. 
I Don't Even Know What ROE Is. 
What's the go? 
Ressurection Of Evil D3 mission pack. Apparently quite good. I haven't played it yet though. 
Thanks spambler.

Just like it says in the main post which I was obviously too dumb to read properly. 
I would also paly this if I had ROE. Should get around to buying it sometime really... 
I Guess... 
...that is useful feedback that requiring a mission pack alienates some of your potential audience. Hmmm. 
Sneaking A Peek 
How much alteration/fiddling would be required for those of us without the mission pack to have a look around the map? Is it just gameplay stuff from the mission pack that makes it a requirement, or more essential features? The screenshots certainly look top notch, so I wouldn't mind downloading it just for a snoop around if that's possible. 
jsut got around to playing this, and to mirror my highly thoughtful comments on D3W - "Jesus fucking christ!"

I love this map, I love Zombie.

yeah the pebbles got annoying, but at the start when I knocked my 1st pebble and it made that sound I shat myself, I thought I was being bundled by imps! Seriously amazing start to the map, very creepy. Basicly I agree 100% with what people have said...

I really wnt to see a d3 map where it just builds and builds and builds the tension to almost stupid levels, then just completely ownz the player with a huge bust out of evil guys... A little like how the film Aliens builds the tension for ages and ages then lets it all go. Would be interresting at least 
Thanks guys for the feedback very informative.
The next map/maps will take into account the feedback given here and most likely will be vanilla doom 3, as I do agree with shambler that some people don't always have exp packs.

Finally Got Around To Playing This 
yeah... i know. better late than never.

really great map! probably the best d3 custom map i've played so far.
liked the atmosphere, music and especially the fact that the map feels so nonlinear with a sense of exploration and all. no serious ammo shortages for me - of course it's vital to get the grabber before proceding further. good construction overall. the only aspects worth improving are the clippy bits (even though i didn't mind them too much) and the exit which i found to be too abrupt. well, and maybe a few regular imps wouldn't have hurt either. :) 
i still don't have ROE, and i wish i could play this. :x

what exactly is it about ROE that makes it so good to map for and not just regular D3? and would it be too much to request your next map run in normal d3? ^_^; 
what exactly is it about ROE that makes it so good to map for and not just regular D3?

You can SLOW DOWN TIME!!!!

Seriously, not much. 
Please go finish and release Quoth update ! 
roe got SSG too
and neat temple doodads 
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