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Scampie....and Now Trinca! <3
<Vermeulen> You there?
<scampie> no
<Vermeulen> Funny, very clever. But have you been telling people that Alientrap is a bad group to be a part of?
<scampie> yes
<Vermeulen> Why?
<scampie> because
<Vermeulen> Good reason. But if it is because of what happened before, that is quite immature. I did nothing wrong, you did, you thought it was a huge chance to get into the gaming industry, i said no such thing
<Vermeulen> All i said was that if we sell the game, you get some of the profit
<Vermeulen> You asked for a contract, i said no, then you write in your column how evil AT is?
<scampie> and it looks like in the long run, I've made the right choice
<Vermeulen> scampie, I am asking you for a reason why you are still telling people this
<Vermeulen> Because I did nothing wrong
<scampie> because LordHavoc asked my opinion, and that's my opinion.
<Vermeulen> But, i must say i am sorry for getting your hopes up, but i didn't think someone would actually think they were getting into the industry threw it. It was just like a basic mod
<scampie> yes, it was a bt of a misunderstanding, but still, even if you asked me today to do anything you even THOUGHT about selling, I'd not do a thing before any acual physical writing
<scampie> it's common fucking sense
<scampie> now stop wasting my time you fucking dipshit
<Vermeulen> "I noticed you also have a bad reputation in #terrafusion, something about being affiliated with the guy who claimed to have made all of ZTN's maps" This, i have to say, pisses me off the most.
<Vermeulen> Scampie, if you look at any internet game studio in the works, they do the same thing. There is nothing wrong with that.
<Vermeulen> and you could of just said you didn't want to be a part of the game and left it at that

This is what i was saying to scampie on IRC. I was not borthering him, i was just asking him why he was saying such bad things about me and my projects.

He then kicked me out of terrafusion, abusing the small power he had.

Scampie, could you give me some answers?
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Scampie, Could You Give Me Some Answers? 

fuck off. leave drama on irc please. 
BTW, i would guess scampie would bring the ZTN thing into this.

What happened was this guy called Mattrew Rye, stole the ZTN maps and claimed them to be his.

he was in a group called Liquid Space. This group decided to split up after this.

The only connection i have to all of this, is that i was once part of the group Liquid space, BUT EVEN BEFORE THIS ALL HAPPENED!!!! 
Scampie, Could You Give Me Some Answers? 

fuck off. leave drama on irc please. 
Heh, Double Post 
Oh, And To Anyone Wondering... 
Mr. Vermeulen seems to be angry at me because of a column I wrote on Peej n Frib over 3 years ago...

Recently, I was speaking with LordHavoc, who is working with him on some kind of mod thing, and linked him to that column relating my experiances with him back then. 
I have to say scampie, i can see how that column would be useful to people.

But to say that I was apart of the ZTN scandal?
Or that I lied to you?
Then you ban me when i ask why you are saying these things? I've been going to terrafusion for 2 years, and i am banned now for asking a question. 
Good Column 
Those three points apply to any industry you could find a job in. 
that column doesnt mention your name at all, so if that's all that he linked to, I dont see the problem. 
Kick ass, scampie =) 
I know how you deal with this situation. You bring it up on a public forum. A public forum is the place to resolve issues. 
hye Lee Vermeulen, could u plz sux my cox? thx 
Back to the good ol' days of QMap, it seems. It's been a while. 
i know what you mean :) 
Vermeulen, scampie just wanted a contract, it's a concept familar to anyone who does a job.

You give someone making something for you a guarantee that they'll get some money if any is made.

It's that fucking simple. And you're not a company, you're a mod team with to much faith in 'Valves' 
Nonentity: I never said the group was a company. It was a simple deal, and is standard with most starting internet groups.

He wanted a contract saying no matter what he would get paid. If you go up to any of the online developing groups right now and ask them that they will give you the same answer i did.

The problem was scampie thought this was a chance to get into the idustry, and was very upset when i told him it was nothing like that. 
Do we really need you polluting this forum with a thread dedicated to this bullshit?? You have a problem with scampie, email scampie about it. We neither want nor need to hear your personal issues with him. 
Yeah, i know. This forum has no need anymore.

I put it here cuz he banned me from terrafusion. I am unbanned now, so there is no point to this thread. 
Ah Yes ... /me High Fives Scampie 
scampie + banning people = qmap/func_msgboard is a cool place again!

Keep it up brotha! 
C- Typical, Predictable, Fast delivery though. 
QMD has gone, you might think it's time to relax. But no, here Vermeulen goes. SIGH...

This conveyor of Satan will never end! 
Metl Should Delete This Thread 
i lost brain cells reading it 
what a fucking wanker. 
Lee, scampie happens to be a small shrimp. How about you lay the fuck off and pick on someone your own size? Eh? I would also appreciate it if you sux0red my b0ll0x once you're done with inertia's cox. kthx! 
... they'll never convict me. 
did I win this thread? 
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