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Scampie....and Now Trinca! <3
<Vermeulen> You there?
<scampie> no
<Vermeulen> Funny, very clever. But have you been telling people that Alientrap is a bad group to be a part of?
<scampie> yes
<Vermeulen> Why?
<scampie> because
<Vermeulen> Good reason. But if it is because of what happened before, that is quite immature. I did nothing wrong, you did, you thought it was a huge chance to get into the gaming industry, i said no such thing
<Vermeulen> All i said was that if we sell the game, you get some of the profit
<Vermeulen> You asked for a contract, i said no, then you write in your column how evil AT is?
<scampie> and it looks like in the long run, I've made the right choice
<Vermeulen> scampie, I am asking you for a reason why you are still telling people this
<Vermeulen> Because I did nothing wrong
<scampie> because LordHavoc asked my opinion, and that's my opinion.
<Vermeulen> But, i must say i am sorry for getting your hopes up, but i didn't think someone would actually think they were getting into the industry threw it. It was just like a basic mod
<scampie> yes, it was a bt of a misunderstanding, but still, even if you asked me today to do anything you even THOUGHT about selling, I'd not do a thing before any acual physical writing
<scampie> it's common fucking sense
<scampie> now stop wasting my time you fucking dipshit
<Vermeulen> "I noticed you also have a bad reputation in #terrafusion, something about being affiliated with the guy who claimed to have made all of ZTN's maps" This, i have to say, pisses me off the most.
<Vermeulen> Scampie, if you look at any internet game studio in the works, they do the same thing. There is nothing wrong with that.
<Vermeulen> and you could of just said you didn't want to be a part of the game and left it at that

This is what i was saying to scampie on IRC. I was not borthering him, i was just asking him why he was saying such bad things about me and my projects.

He then kicked me out of terrafusion, abusing the small power he had.

Scampie, could you give me some answers?
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Shut the fuck up, really, because noone gives a flying shit. The only thing you are doing and accomplishing right now is turning even more people against you with your gibberish elitistic racism drivel. 
Who's got some good curry recipes? 
Also, For The Record 
I haven't been owner of #tf for years. Vondur is (czg was after me, then I tricked him out of it, then gave it to Vondur) 
I've got the Ashoka take-away menu :D 
Stop your bullshit. 
Drive Down Application Management Costs 
Oracle Enterprise Manager's unique top-down approach to application management enables customers to reduce complexity and increase efficiencies in their IT environments and optimally run their enterprise applications. Oracle Enterprise Manager achieves this through an unrivaled blend of broad application management and quality assurance solutions with deep management solutions for Oracle technologies including Oracle packaged applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Oracle VM. 
Akatsuki List. (strongest To Weakest) 
TOBI- its madara who controled 9 nined beast your talking about, has to be strong

PAIN- couldnt fight naruto in 8 tails so not as strong as tobi but still bloody strong

ZETSU- not is known..should be either strong or uselss and just watches

ITACHI- amazing sharingan skill and let sasuke win.

KISAME- little is known but if he�s partnered with itachi..he should be very strong

DEIDARA- C4 attack was wicked..i recon apart from people with sharingan wouldnt stand a chance against it.

KAKAZU- could use all five teqniques at the highest level..woww

SASORI- unrated�but he proves how strong he is against chiyo..and killed 3 kazekage who had iron sand.

HIDAN- not very skilled..he can only use one teqniue which is that stabing himself thing�and just because hes immortal..doesnt mean he�s strong..just cut him up into little peaces or something then hell be useless�lol

have i missed anyone out?? reply if you wanna critisze my chosen list�thanks! 
I Know A Song About Hedgehogs... 
Bestiality sure is a fun thing to do
But I have to say this as a warning to you:
With almost all animals, you can have ball
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

The spines on her back are too sharp for a man
They'll give you a pain in the worst place they can
The result I think you'll find will appall:
The hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

Mounting a horse can often be fun
An elephant too; though he weighs half a ton
Even a mouse (though his hole is quite small)
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

The spines on his back are so awful thick
you'll end up with naught but a painful prick.
He has an impregnable hole when curled up in a ball,
Hence the hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

Screwing a cow while she goes moo-moo
Will be entertaining to both her and you
Or you might try a tiger, if you have enough gall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

A fish is refreshing, although a bit wet
And a cat or a dog can be more than a pet
Even a giraffe (despite being so tall)
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

You can manage a snake, though its poison might kill
It's amazing how humping a camel will thrill
You can go with a snail if you slow to a crawl
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

You can ravish a sloth but it would take all night
With a shark it is faster, but the darned beast might bite
We already mentioned the horse, you may recall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

You can roger a skunk if you can stand the smell
Or even an oyster, should he let go of his shell
A troll can be rocky if down you should fall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

For slippery fun, you can cornhole an otter
Or pego a pig after parting his trotters
Or tumble a tapir, though the prospect appall
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

For prosimian fun, you can bugger a lemur
To bolster your name as a pervert and schemer
The lemurs cry "Frink!" as a coy mating call
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

Antipodean pranks -- you can futter a wombat
Or strive with a 'roo in venereal combat
Or hump a goanna -- go on, do it all
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

A moose is amusing, a squid quite confusing
Or try on a rhino if you fancy a bruising,
Or mountin' a mountain goat (careful, don't fall!)
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

You could thrust with a thrush if you fancy a climb,
Or pork a few piglets if you have the time,
A skinhead's pet cat if you don't mind a brawl,
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all. 
Thats Beautiful :D 
what happened here

a wtfbomb went off 
you even say zetsu is unknown yet you put him above kisame??? one of the few akatsuki to come in contact with naruto and not die???

how dare you sir 
Who Likes Chili? I Like Chili. 
Chili De Morte

Start with a can of commercial chili and use the cheapest one you can find. The thicker the orange shell of sheer grease on top when you open it, the better.

The very idea that you would use real stew meat instead of cheap ground beast that's more pink than red and then add onions, tomatoes etc. in their fresh states is laughable.

Pour in a fistful of salsa and maybe leftover spaghetti sauce. Squirt several packets of Taco Bell sauce into it. Then crumble into it a whole package of Ritz Crackers or half a bag of half-stale Doritos and a bit of tabasco, if you are either feeling adventurous or are too stoned or zoned out to consider the possible aftermath. Squirt half a can of gooey cheese surrogate over it. Nuke some broccoli in a valiant but vain attempt to get some tangible nutrition into the glop. Add several jalapeno peppers to give it some zing.

Scarf down enough of it to serve 4 or 5 normal people and spend the next morning with your ass under a cold tap running at full blast (because you are too stupid to remember the last time you did this), as fire shoots from your rectum like Gamera in full flight.

Go to the store later and buy 5 more cans of chili. Repeat. 
That Looks Like Fun. Let Me Try. 
To prove that 0 < 1, we first need to prove the following two lemmas.

Lemma 1. The set of positive real numbers, {x in R : x > 0}, is closed under addition and multiplication.

Proof. For a = 0 and positive real numbers b and c, we have a < b, which follows from the definition of a positive real number. By Axiom 7, we then have a + c < b + c, and since a = 0 then by Axiom 4 we have c < b + c. Since 0 < c by definition, we also have 0 < b + c by Axiom 9. Thus the positive real numbers are closed under addition. Likewise for a = 0 and positive real numbers b, c, we have a < b. From Axioms 4 and 8, we have 0 = ac < bc, so the positive real numbers are closed under

Lemma 2. For any real number a, we have aa = -a(-a).

Proof. This follows from Axioms 3 and 5, since we have
a + (-a) = 0
a(a + (-a)) = 0
aa = -a(-a).

Theorem. For the real numbers 0 and 1, we have 0 < 1.

Proof. From the field axioms, we know that 0 != 1, and by Trichotomy of the Real Numbers this means either 0 < 1 or 1 < 0. By way of contradiction, assume 1 < 0. By adding the additive inverse of 1 to both sides, we get 0 < -1, i.e. -1 is a positive real number. Thus from using Lemma 1 above, multiplying both sides by -1, and by Axiom 8 we get 0 < (-1)(-1). By applying Lemma 2, this becomes 0 < 1. This is a contradiction to the assumption that 1 < 0, and thus it must be that 0 < 1, which is what we wanted to prove. 
Near And Dear To My Heart 
What we would gain from P = NP will make the whole Internet look like a footnote in history.

Since all the NP-complete optimization problems become easy, everything will be much more efficient. Transportation of all forms will be scheduled optimally to move people and goods around quicker and cheaper. Manufacturers can improve their production to increase speed and create less waste. And I'm just scratching the surface.

Learning becomes easy by using the principle of Occam's razor�we simply find the smallest program consistent with the data. Near perfect vision recognition, language comprehension and translation and all other learning tasks become trivial. We will also have much better predictions of weather and earthquakes and other natural phenomenon.

P = NP would also have big implications in mathematics. One could find short, fully logical proofs for theorems but these proofs are usually extremely long. But we can use the Occam razor principle to recognize and verify mathematical proofs as typically written in journals. We can then find proofs of theorems that have reasonable length proofs say in under 100 pages. A person who proves P = NP would walk home from the Clay Institute not with $1 million check but with seven (actually six since the Poincar� Conjecture appears solved). 
These Are My Chili Peppers Now 
. . . A Song About 
Buggering a hedgehog with a chilli pepper. 
Don't think I'm gonna watch that 
... watch the video: I need an account 
Why would you want to watch a video of an animal processing tool which nonentity posted and even Zwiffle is wary? 
Just By... 
.. curiosity :P 
I Watched It 
Mmmm - lamb stock :D 
Just By...
#137 posted by JPL [] on 2009/08/27 14:29:10
.. curiosity :P


Liberal philosophy?

Constant velocity? 
None Of Them... 
.. just curiosity...

Oh nevermind :/ 
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