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Base Pack
oh wel i love base theme so much that i start making another map just want to ask if is anybody interresing in making a episode? maby with 4 or 5 maps?!?!
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Having 1072 posts doesn't mean Base Pack is alive IMHO... It means some people have some interest to post there... but concerning the pack itself, "aliveness" is not a certainty.
Let's see what will happen after Quoth2... :P 
Still Alive 
Apart from a few sounds we need to scrounge together, all of the quoth pak1 content is done.
All we have to do now is finish writing up the tutorial and last testing. There are currently no bugs left to fix :) We'll probably send a release candidate to what's left of the base pack mappers first, just in case. Then we'll release proper.
Give us a week or two.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots of the next map in the Dimension Of The Doomed remake. It's finished and will be included in the pak1 to follow on from e1m1quoth. I'll post these in the screenshots thread too.

And see also my Q1SP release today, I Pity Thee Not.

That should keep you going for now. 
And Kicking... 
Great work, Kell!
Good to hear something from the front!

I still have this far concern about the
As it is a map without warnings and leaks, and offers start parts to four participants I still feel it is a good thing.

So if there is hope, there is life!
Here's the bsp, so if anyone has an id or wants to check it out...

it's only a beta stage, so you can call me a bas(e)start!
Happy Newyear all! 
Those shots are nice! I like the idea of remix'd id originals. 
i still got one map with quoth2 but i dont tuch it something like 6 month... but is maby 80% made more 1 month of work... let�s see what happend here... i�m making a Maya map... if the pack still going i will put Maya in standby and finish the quoth2 one. 
It is a very good news :D ... and as I'm working on a new Base map project (far to be finished... 50% ready only..) I will use Quoth2 for sure...
I will look forward to Quoth2 release with a lot of interest ;) 
Im Too Lazy To Read... 
Whats the status of this pack? :) 
To be honest, I'm not even sure who is in charge of the base pack, and I've been doing quoth2 coding for the past 6 months. I'm sure if the pack was ready to go they would have told me though, because quoth2 is done and if any maps/packs were only waiting on it we'd release. As it is, people said they want full documentation available for quoth2 before we put it out, so there's no reason to release before the write-up is complete. 
Preach / DaZ 
AFAIK, Kell is polishing Quoth2 manual, and maybe some map examples, distrans has a map in beta test (still pending due to Quoth2 not deliverd...), and maybe some other people (like me) are waiting patiently for Quoth2 release before using it officially...

Maybe Base Pack will be revitalized after Quoth2 release, and will rebirth from its ashes after that... who knows ?

And actually, there is no official owner of this "project" indeed.... anybody interested ? 
Maybe We Should Start A New Thread? 
Call it, er, what would you call it?

I wasn't even anywhere near a computer other than for the purpose of mixing music 'till about may last year.

I have a weird Base Map which I will probably be able to get sorted fairly soon. Like 1-2 weeks (heh, i guess lots have people have been caught with their trousers down over saying that before)

So why dont we re-co-ordinate something?

Hell, how many emails are still flying around to do with this thing?

Surely we need someone to tally up all of the content and organise the maps into a sequence, then playtest-as-we-go until its ready?

Or something like that?

Or maybe I'm just too impatient to get anything done? 
Dont Matter Weather Its Quoth1, Quoth2 Or Id1 
cause they'll all run under Quoth2 when it comes out, wont they? 
Er, Fuck, #1082/3 Crossed In The Post With #1084 
Still think we should draw a line.

I'm interested.

My maps too weird anyway.

I was thinking of doing something with those base texes which Than made, from Guncotton.

I'll do my map finished, Quoth1, then start a new for Quoth2.

Then I might do a different-realm map. 
Nobody In Charge? 
That kinda explains a lot really... 
OK I Will Take Leadership 
Scrap those files, base maps suck donkey balls. 
what is Base Pack? lol a mith? 
Egypt Pack! 
I may be able to finish this project for an Egypt pack. Stop hacking my computer. 
Egypt Is The Fucking Worst Theme For Any Game Ever 
Also when do I get my dues for this bet I won about the base pack never being finished? 
Isn't the fucking worst theme for any game ever.

CZG is, because no matter how big the grid is, it isn't big enough! 
You can collect your bet winnings at the heat death of the universe. Though you'll have literally nothing to spend it on.

Base pack eh? 
My 2 Cents 
Base Pack yes.. It is the initial intention of this thread started by Trinca in 2006, so let's preserve the name.

Let's forget the bad past, let's forget the flames, let's forget the crys, and please concentrate on the future: be positive...

I know that Quoth2 will be released soon, as Kell is working hard on the user manual, and some demo map: let him do his job, and wait patiently... this is the best we can do..

Also, I think some mappers already started maps and some of them are also waiting for Quoth2, or at least a rebirth of this thread (e.g: I'm thinking to than, but there are plenty others I hope)

Well, I think any deadline can not be defined now, nevertheless I think we can discuss the rules like:
- Base based map (mandatory)
- SP map (mandatory)
- DM maps (nice to have)
- Quoth2 mod (mandatory)
- Texture set to use (free is best for diversity)
- Minimum number of secrets (3 or more ?)
- Start map (nice to have)
- Ownership / Lead (any volunteer ? I don't want to)
- Participant list (please be serious)
- Map submission deadline
- Web support for map upload (I guess Spirit we be happy to support right ?)

So let's really rebirth the thread, and discuss these simple rules: we will see what will happen...

So, what do you think... Please no spoiler ;) 
Texture Set Should Be Id-Base And Its Derivatives. 
such as hipnotic's stuff, and those ones made by biff and all. Say the Id_base megawad as the texture set. 
Quake2? Dkt1? Etc? 
Im all up for diplomacy. I like IDBase, but I've made 8 maps with IDbase, and its nice to use other texes. Not to say I wouldnt use IDbase.
Colored lighting for those who want it?
I think maps should run under stock GlQuake (max 600 edicts, usual limits etc)?
I think that saying Quoth2 mandatory is fair enough, but people shouldnt be penalised for NOT using Quoth/Quoth2 content, as Quoth1 and ID1 will run under Quoth2. I mean for individual maps in the pack. The pack would require Quoth2 run all maps, but some maps might not NEED Quoth2 to run on their own...

Who's gonna be in charge?

Are you in Simulacrum?

If you are, the list reads:


DaZ - start map (it would make a class start map!)

Who else?

Trinca, you have a map waiting?
(NOTE: I will have a new map out imminently, my Base Pack contribution will be from scratch) 
L@@kin 4ward 2 Dis Pak 2013 
Czg / RickYT23 
czg: Please don't be mean....

RickyT23: BTW, I think we should not be too much restrictive onto the rules. Let people use whatever texture set they want, while it needs obviously to be a base texture at least... Err, I would not see a medieval base map fiting well there... :P
Concerning technical limitation to standard engine, definitely I do not agree, as my current map will certainly exceed some limits...
Skyboxes ? well why not, but you need to use something downloadable easily (Kell skybox set use would be largely enough)

And finally, I'm not yet sure if I will participate to this thread, due to the "charged past" of this thread...

Anyway... let's see what will sort out 
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