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New Q1SP: FMB_bdg
I ummmed and arhhhed for quite some time about releasing this but I suspect vanity had the final say, so here it is.

I cannot deny that the map is not had a final 'polish'. It is part of a much larger map that due to the usual marksurface and clipnode limits, I was never able to play outside of aguiRe's development engines. I have therefore carved it into two, this being the first half. I doubt that the second part will ever get finished.

It's dark, hard on hard, does thing to standard monsters that the purists won't like and you won't find any of the secrets by chance.

The progs.dat is bloated, the sound file is bloated and the files are not in a Pak because I cannot face going through and changing all of the file names to standard DOS format.

So, anyway... if you like it, great; if not, well...



Old downloads (may not work):
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Mike Woodham Map??? 
I say Hells Yes! Downloading soon as I get home tonight! 
Screens look good. I think quake 1 will never die. Am dl now 
GG Mike 
Can't wait to squeeze some time this weekend to play. 
Wtf People Actually Have Time To Play Quake? 
'xcuse Me... 
...while I kiss this guy!

Just what the doctor ordered, thnx Mike...I'll be fighting my way through this tonight :) 
Quake Not Dead ! 
Man, this map is awesome ! Great atmosphere, great map, great monsters, I love it. You should continue mapping man ! 8*) 
The shots look so sexy I have to play it now ! But I'mn at office all the day... bouhouhouhouh.... snif...
I'll play it and give feedback later but it seems that DKT3 texture set is very well used there: it looks like CDA ;) 
A++ for the awesome atmosphere. Wow. I loved the music. The slaughterroom! The bossfight. The Layout.
I found (ahem) one (duh) secret (that red armor with the lowered trim). Very good balance, I played on Normal.

I did not really like the textures though, but that's my preference.

Linux users will have to lowercase all the filenames before playing, that's a common thing unfortunately. Why can't everyone make them lowercase (or at least the same like used in progs.dat)? ;)

The big open "room" ran like ass here, like 20fps. I blamed Darkplaces for it, stupid engine. Same behaviour as in Tronyn's masque back then. :<


Very nice! 
and feel welcome to use the Shub-Hub to avoid stupid mirrors next time. ;)
password is ilovetheshubhub 
Only Works In Fitz ? 
what about aguire's engine ? 
I guess you misread this sentence:

I was never able to play outside of aguiRe's development engines 
it only talks about fitz in the readme as far as playability goes though so that's why I asked. 
.. I thought you were talking about Mike sentence in the map announcement... sorry... 
Omg Awesome! 
That's enough for now. 
I Recommend 
using -heapsize 48000 in most engines for best performance. 
Excellent, thanks for that. Exploration, atmosphere, monsters, eveything was great. The Rocket-Ogres were fun, the Qouth bestiary was well used (apart from the Vermis - no spoilers). Health was maybe too generous and I never found the NG so had a nail stockpile for the first half. 3/12 secrets, 125/152 monsters - I know I must have missed alot so will have to replay a few times, nbd ;)

I can tell you went through a few style revisions but it'd be shit-hot if you could make the second half. Just seeing the fort in the distance is a real teaser - I tried climbing past the imp statue to reach it.

Very nice work. 
I played in AguirRe's Nehahra engine - no problems. 
OMG !!! What a level !!! Even in easy skill it was really hard, but I did it... I found 3 secrets on 12... Nice piece of art. Architecture, lighning effects, ammos/monster/health balance.. I got a pure moment of adrenaline ! Nice work ! I cannot wait for the second part ! And now go map ;P 
Bloody excellent is what this is. I kept dying though so there will be no first run demos from me. But wow! Unfortunately I grabbed the gold key via a slope and, I guess, was able to skip some parts of the map...

But with the music and all! Wow. So pretty with the textures and everything. 
This Was A Nice Map. 
But not the music! Aargh! >:( 
What a map. Big, beautiful, and challenging. Brushwork was top notch and those textures were pleasureful to my eyes. My only gripe was the darkness. Not only did it screw me up a few times, it covers up some of the nice detail :(

But other than that, super job. I hope this won't be your last map. 
Great Level!!! 
WTF mike is back!!! after long wait it worth!!! great level will post a demo soon ;) 
Very Beautiful 
nice architecture, very nice textures, funny monsters

Great work, Mike! This level oozes with creepy, medieval atmosphere thanks in part to the fog and the music (reminds me a lot of Danzig's Black Aria). The texturing, brushwork and gameplay were all spot on!

My only regret was jumping out the window after the first(?) secret ;-)

Thanks for cutting us another heaping slice of Quake goodness. CHEERS! 
Thanks Mike... 

Thoroughly enjoyable. From the readme all the way to the boss fight. I like it dark and atmospheric. Thankyou also for letting us have the option of turning the music off (as I agree with CZG) - very thoughtful.

Excellent mix of gameplay, everything from creeping and sniping through to spawnfest infighting. The mini-lavaboys were well implemented. Architecture was really solid and (please take this as a compliment) reminded me of some of Von's best work in places, if somewhat grander. Your attention to detail is impressive. What with your designs, the integration into cavern, lighting and fog effects I really felt like I was somewhere.

About half way through I couldn't help but think "Hmmmm, I wonder what would come of an FMB-JPL collaboration"? His work in CDA and yours here would compliment each other nicely.

Very grand experience Mike, ta much! 
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