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Doom 3 - Quake Mod - Shambler's Castle
It's done!
A recreation of one of our favorite games of all time, Quake, in the Doom3 engine.
Featuring 1 map, 5 new monsters, all Quake weapons remade with new sounds and much more.
Get it here:
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must play today. :) 
OMG !! 
Quake ported to Doom3 engine: I have to test it now ! 
Great job, now I hope that someone will pick up where you left, this is a mod to be modded. 
Haven't Had A Wet Dream... 
...since i got married, but this is the bomb!
gonna try it immediately :D 
Just Played It As I Really Wanted To. :> 
It's nice.
Rather felt like Painkiller though (probably due to the hideous Metal soundtrack, ugh). I recommend disabling music (I wish I knew how to do that)!
Took me about 20 minutes to complete. The map itself is nice. Good layout and some beautiful looks.

The monsters are "only" ok to me, but I think I could not like anything slightly different from the original mdls. ;) Scrags are the best in my opinion. I also like their new melee attack. The fiend was weird, walked like a hippotamus and wanted to eat me like a wild horse.

The weapon models aren't something special. I think they are Monkeyrat's (which are very good). :) I loved some of the items though, especially the rocket boxes. Weapon sounds were too different from the old ones in my opinion, they sounded weird. And the rockets looked very weak.

A few hints:
You can kill Zombies with normal weapons.
Shambler get down after 5 rockets.

Very entertaining overall, I just wished the models and art would come with an open license so people could modify them. 
...liked It 
but as Spirit already mentioned, it's not exactly enough to be a Remake.
I loved the Leveldesign though, the Riddle with the Switches was a bit boring, the vores were OK, the shamblers and Zombies reminded me a bit much of Doom3 Creatures. The Fiends were little nasty Meatpackets, Movement was OK, but they got quite chubby since 1996 it seemed :D
Im just crying, because i wanted to slay some Ogres, which sadly didnt appear.
The Scrags were excellently done!
Overall a very nice job done here recreating a Legend.
Performance lacked a bit, i could play Classic Doom with the same Settings w/out any lagging, The Quake Mod was very laggy at the Tower-Portal with the Rune-Switches.
Loved it!
More :) 
You Are Right 
As I was saying it's to be modded. This means that it's not a remake but something new to look at. I hate a remake without personal touch from the author(s), in fact I loved the totally renewed fiends so hippo like, dumb but still aggressive (loved the tentacles, pure lovecraft).
The music is... not the kinda stuff quake needs, like doom3 and the original q1 it needs ambient sounds for creating depth. But this is not q1, so...
I'm dreaming for a bunch of maps in the future, and maybe some deathmatch support. 
Maybe This Is Worth Reinstalling Doom 3 For 
Indeed It Is 
It's only one map, but has awesome atmosphere and build quality, and is fun to play. It's not quite Quake, but if you go in not expecting it to be a carbon copy and take it for what it is you will definitely have fun. :) 
I like the screenshots, willl have to reinstall D3 and give it a go. The shambler looks alot like a hellknight though, anyone want to try making a nice fur parallax shader? 
reinstalled Doom3 for this.
it was quite good.. i liked how the scrags came flying through windows. that was so cool!

i'm expecting more maps and maybe an attempt of a remake of some of the original levels.. would be awesome :) 
Music, Arrgh! 
It looks good but how do I turn the poxy music off? 
Removing Soundtrack 
from the Doom3 world forum:
replace Beef_Rock.ogg with a blank sound file

or with any other music file you like 
Beef Rock 
this is good for sure! unfortunatly, before i could enjoy, i had to delete the awful music, loaded up the old quake CD for some tunes and i replaced all the weapon sounds with the original quake sounds.

i don't know about what the legality would have been to officially distribute the original quake sounds with the mod, since both are iD games, but if it's possible, i'd definatly recommend doing that.

the map itself was really well made. lots of cool and interesting rooms, and although not always a 'quakey' feel, definatly good atmosphere brushwise.

sadly, there are barely any ambient sounds! it's extremely noticeable when you get rid of the heavy metal music. a global ambient sound and some smaller point sounds would definatly have been needed. even if it was just fire sounds for the torches.

lighting is like any doom3 map. dark, barely adequate. i used r_lightscale 4 which made it much nicer, so that i could see brushwork and monsters.

monsters are all done fairly well. making a monster for this game is a lot of work, so i'm lenient about that. i wish there were some lights shining up from the floor because you can't really get a good look at the fiends because of the way they are hunched over. it's a shame, because i've seen WIP and renders of the fiend model, and it looks pretty darn good.
scraggs could have been slightly larger, but i like the way they die and curl up when they fall to the ground. dunno if that was intentional or just a side effect of the AF.

i really liked how the weapons were done. instead of trying to smooth them out like the original models hinted at, they are deliberatly angular, and the SNG looks particularily good because of this with worn edges along where all the original model's edges were. 
Played It 
Liked it... awesome Quake world ported to Doom3... but please, next time... no music please !! It is pleasant the first... 10 seconds... after that it is very boring...
But, well, it is indeed a nice Doom3 mod...

Keep it up ! 
Thanks, now I will play it. 
An excellent conversion, quite accurate monster recreations (apart from the aforementioned shambler which resembles and has the same attack as D3's hellknight). Weapons were nicely done. Not a complaint, but I couldn't find a lightning gun - wonder if I missed it?
Level design was full of atmospheric details and generally exuded polish. Didn't mind the music for a quick run through killing everything in sight - but it really belongs in Doom not Quake. If the episode was longer then it should definitely have creepy ambient sounds instead.

Everyone knows the hardest part about modding for new games is the high-poly modelling, so I think this deserves props for doing a decent job with the monsters. However, it made me remember about the Quake remodelling project - I'm sure more than one person remade basically all of them. If they are still active it may be an idea to get in touch with them and see if they are willing to share the goods. 
Yeah, Nice One 
the monster ports are good. fitting in the same relation than the doom3 monsters do compared to doom. though the shamblers should shoot a proper lightning beam, and the monsters feel a bit too weak in comparison after all.
the weapons models are generally ok too, but they don't look as smooth as the ones in quake (too many apparent edges). i don't the sounds, particularly of the nailguns.

fairly simply and short map which has proper looks and atmosphere, but is also quite busy with all the lightning effects and stuff, fps seemed a tad low. i liked the flickering candles though (dunno if doom3 had many of those). good to see some of the classic quake texture props there, like the runes. but a cheap solution for the key models.

the music is pretty doom-ish. i didn't turn it off, but i agree it could have been excluded or at least replaced by some proper ambient track.

btw. in the beginning, i got an r_autospritedeform warning spamming the console.

i hope people use this mod as a base for their customs maps... :) 
Awesome, Awesome... 
... don't have anything to say that's not been said before except that tonight maybe I sucked a little too much so I wasn't able to finish the boss with the health I had left, but I think that's just me.... Sounds, on the other end are completely inappropriate and annoying, a constant rumble in the head that never leaves you and (most important) covers all the monsters sounds. Tomorrow I'll try the whole thing without music (BTW, how do you build a blank .ogg?). Monsters range from good to xceptional(the scrag), I found the vores to be a little unproportioned compared to the originals (too short legs, too big head) but very good anyway. The level in itself was definitely good lacking maybe a little sense of purpose and the multilinear feel of the original Quake levels, only one route, no backtracking. One last thing, how do you get that quad? 
you shoot a window near the quad and jump into it. it'll teleport you in the quad chamber..

the HUD was ugly.. some sounds too. maybe you could use some sounds from 
Thx, Shark... 
...Tried several windows, but not the right one, it seems! 
...don't Anybody Throw Rocks At Me... 
...but is it possible to use the new Monstermodels in Quake with a modified engine?
I saw this high detail shambler model for quake some time ago... 
No, It Isn't 
are you sure you didn't just see the HQ skins released during qexpo?

btw. good to have the quake crosshair in there as well :) 
Very Nice, Thank You 
And I had a blast playing it, even though it was a bit too easy and there were some minor downsides. Still, this is a whole lot of really high quality work.

Gripes include the sounds, the music (actually not bad, but not suitable either) the dodgy LG effect (understandable considering the gun doesn't appear in the map), and a lack of visual feedback as to whether my shots were hitting anything. Spamming SNG fire at a few Scrags, I had no idea where or how many times I was hitting them. Lastly, the vision shaking effect was overdone.

Everything else was great. 
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