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Doom 3 - Quake Mod - Shambler's Castle
It's done!
A recreation of one of our favorite games of all time, Quake, in the Doom3 engine.
Featuring 1 map, 5 new monsters, all Quake weapons remade with new sounds and much more.
Get it here:
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They live in the dark, they smell nearby food, and they leap, tear, and swallow.

So what do they need eyes for? 
Fiends And Eyes. 
hhhmmmm it should take place in the Phylosophy thread, isn't it ? 
I Totally Think 
fiends don't have eyes. And if they do, there should be a cousin of the fiend that doesn't, and they should invade their eye-balled cousins and wipe them out then become the dominant fiend species in the Quake universe, because let's face it: fiends shouldn't have eyes. 
Well the eyes are small and yellow with no pupil. To me it looks more like they used to live above ground and have degenerated into the flesh tearing beasts we know and kill, thier eyes atrophied into blind useless orbs.

Go Lovecraft! 
What Spirit Said 
They must have them, it's all about eye-contact man. Without it, where's the romance? 
Fiends don't have sex, they spring forth from the spilled blood of ancient gods in a dimension beyond time and sanity, ever gnawing at the edges of our own provincial universe. 
Don't Have Sex? 
if that wasn't a fiend then what was -- Taylor Hanson? No! Oh God, no! 
If that's not sex, then I don't know what is.

Seriously, my parents never told me about sex. 
Is that what you say when making love to a fiend?

There are times when you just go too far. 
Have any of you actually played Quake and encountered Fiends in it??

Heathens, idiots, and ignoramii the lot of you. 
but I played quake III arena once, it was fun! 
You're All Wrong! 
I've always seen the horns as some awesome agents of creepy bizarrness sticking out of the Fiends eyesockets, instead of boring things like say, eyes. I'm for the idea of Fiends having a great sense of smell, rather than hearing or vision, completely lacking in the latter.

*imagines a mod which incorporates smell, fiends running towards a wounded player, and players running away from R.P.G in a deathmatch*

Anyhoo, that there linko is broken. I managed to find the map through another source, will have to fix my computer, install that there Doom 3 and play the thing. I personally will be replacing the music file with an ogg version of one of Quakes original tracks (I already have the full soundtrack in ogg form for use in DarkPlaces). That would get rid of the complete silence everyone else says to have played in, and I'm shocked no one else seems to already have done this.

When looking for the map, I also found lots of other potentially interesting maps from this hexum fellow, wonder if there's more info on them somewhere (other than the site, as it's down). 
I think people often mistake the little yellowy patch behind the horns for eyes. Personally I just think that's an unfortunate result of the surrounding blood splatter. 
Fiend - (...) and have "a pair of yellowish red eyes".
From The Quake Player's Manual 
"Fiend: In essence, organic buzzsaws, rife with pummeling power!"

Buzzsaws DON'T have eyes. Thanks. 
they don't have hooves either 
"John Romero: You're right about the eyes - most of the monsters don't have them. The world of Quake is dark, wet and scary and they didn't really need em."

Granted he didnt say the fiend, but he did say most, and Id say with most, if its up for debate, then Id err towards the majority. 
Lets Say 
they have rudimentary eyes 
I think they had eyes that have atrophied from lack of sunlight.

But everyone's going to argue back and forth with crappy jpegs (blood is never yellow - brown, black or red). So I doubt this'll ever be resolved. 
This Is Amazing 
Best mod ever... too short though.
and fiends DO have eyes... ill go with the lovecraftian source. :) 
It's Evolving
I hope they also improve the sounds (and the music ffs). 
now I'm getting impressed. The new levels look great, definite Q1 feel to the base ones. Love the look of the new darkly demonic one. I'll take speedy's advice and not treat this as a remake, more enjoyable that way.

Neg!ke, with three musicians on board one would hope the sounds/scape/track improves.

Keep at heXum! 
Maybe time to reinstall Doom3 . . . 
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