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New Quake II Unit: "Citadel" By Andrea Rosa
Andrea Rosa has released a new 5-map unit for Quake 2. It features many new entities and features borrowed from The Reckoning, Ground Zero, and Lazarus.

Info and Screenshots:
Citadel is a single player game: it does not support cooperative 
Haven't I seen those screenshots somewhere before? Is this a new release or rehashing an old one?

It looks very basey, but hey, it's Q2, so I'll have to give it a go. 
some of the shots look reminicent of the powersphere quest... maybe he took some artistic inspiration from it. (example: blue light strips along floor in warehouse sections) 
I think he showed them in the beta section a while back.

so far (1 1/2 levels in), its decent if nothing new. Gameplay is quite fun. 
someone should give this guy proper level design hosting.. ,... 
About Reminiscent Visuals 
Firstly, thanks for playing Citadel.

As someone has noticed, this levelpack was heavily inspired by "The Powersphere Quest" by Cedar Kraus, IMHO the best SPQ2 ever made. Apart from the blue strips along the roads, there are also other tributes, including a couple of rooms which are quite identical to its predecessor. However, all of these visuals were rebuilt from scratch, mostly using screenshots and observation.

Citadel does also contain some references to two original Q2 levels, the Research Lab and the Power Plant. For more informations on this topic, check "TRIVIA" in the readme file.

Played Some More 
awesome stuff, visuals get better (definitely very powersphere questish which is a good thing) and gameplay is just plain fun. 
The shots look really interesting... Seems to be a very good work. 
Andrea Rosa: 
Is there any chance you could release a coop version of the map pack? 
This Is Proving 
to be a very enjoyable pack. My only complaint so far would be about the overabundance of green shields, which simply draw out combat rather than make it more exciting. 
About Cooperative 
In reply to R.P.G. : cooperative may be available in a future release, while I'm still not sure about deathmatch. 
Very Nice 
Good gameplay and I like all the gadgets from the secrets. Only into map 2 so far but enjoying it. Just arriving at tech city ;) 
ok going to install Q2 to see it ;) 
finished this.

fairly good stuff, solid visuals and combat. Although I wasnt fond of the redone grenade laucher physics and the "improved" enemy AI (lazazrus feature??).

but quite nice overall. 
is the mod that makes Q2 playable in the first place imo, why would you like the default AI better (stupid running into walls etc.)?

I have still two maps to go in this pack, but so far it�s very nice, tense combat and, as with the author�s previous pack, fun to find secrets. 
Is the best mod for Q2 by far, with awakening coming a close 2nd. It basicly finished the game, completing what id should have done (misc_actor, various other stuff). I still haven't finished this pack, been distracted, but what I've seen has been good and is tempting me back to Q2. 
Not Questioning The Features 
lazarus does indeed add a lot of those for creation of better maps.

But the improved AI just annyoed me because it amplified the slow reload and firing of the q2 weapons, which isnt as big an issue in stock q2. 
ok, i install quake2 and play it!!!

played almost all first level and then got bored :\
sorry mapping was cool with great details but Q2 isn�t real my game... :( 
This is an episode with the more sneaky Q2 gameplay, if you want to blast away like in Q1, try Pax Imperia by Mark Shan: 
Mark Shan? 
Do you mean Marcus Klar? 
...what do you expect from people eating salmon with whipped cream?

Great maps and lame in-jokes? That�s right. 
I Liked It 
Just a good, solid, well made traditional Q2 episode. Great style, lighting, secrets and fun gameplay. I played on Easy which felt comparable to the original Q2 on Normal.

I'd definately play more of Andrea's Q2 maps if he continues. 
Andrea Rosa has updated Citadel to version 2.3

Citadel v3 is out 
I Actually Worked On Zaero 
But Quake 2 never held my interest. My son however is a q2 fan and I will let him know. 
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