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D1SP: Knee-Deep In ZDoom
I don't know if anyone here still plays classic DOOM, but this is a release nobody should miss.

The experience of playing through Knee-Deep in the Dead is one that many gamers will never forget, but through the years the episode has become too easy for many to play through and enjoy the way they did the first time.

Knee-Deep in ZDoom is an interpretation of Id Software's original groundbreaking production, Knee-Deep in the Dead. The team has focused on expanding the original episode by utilizing the power of Randy Heit's ZDoom port; adding new areas, features, and gameplay devices not possible under the original Doom engine. Knee-Deep in ZDoom is a new experience, but holds strong to the atmosphere of the original. Relive the fear. Relive the nightmare. Relive Phobos.

These levels are awesome! Excessively detailed and so much expanded, new monsters (e.g. several kinds of Soldiers, Imps and Demons) and sprites, as well as new gameplay twists - progression is often totally different from the originals and the difficulty level is greatly increased (it's very hard).

Imagine the excitement you felt when playing e1m1rmx and dm3rmx. In my view, the greatest DOOM release in recent years.

(Absurdly small/monocolored) screenshots and download:
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where should I put the kdizd.pk3 file? And where does the zdoom.pk3 file go?
How can I launch this pack?

Many questions but I have only played the doom shareware more then 10 years ago 
Drag+Drop > 
> the kdizd.pk3 onto ZDoom.exe worked for me.
Assuming these two files are side by side with zdoom.pk3 and original doom.wad in the same folder/level. 
Thanks. It works. 
Finished It 
What a great experience! I haven't enjoyed a DOOM episode so much for a long time.

It was very hard in the beginning, but it got better once I had a decent set of weapons. Never found the plasmagun though (nor BFG), which I should have, since the end battles are insanely hard - had to kill the boss in god mode.

The maps look so great; unbelivable this is DOOM. I knew ZDoom was a powerful engine (kind of like the DP of DOOM) but I didn't know how of much it's really capable until now.
Good job on all the new stuff: monsters, weapons, textures, props. Nice intermission too.

I realized once again I suck at finding secrets. There are often around 10 in each map (except for the last), and I always found only 2-3, which is a pity since they are nicely designed (well, and helpful). Didn't find the secret exit either (at least not by regular means - it's not where it is in the original map).

This really is a release DOOM is worth reinstalling for (if you haven't installed it, shame on you anyway). 
That Looks Awesome 
might have to install zdoom. Is it a free thing or do I need to have the original doom for it to run? 
And I remember zDoom as being pretty slick as well.

Shame about the screenshot size / monochrome, but still looks good. Will give it a try over the weekend. 
I am SO getting this right now! 
I have played many zdoom wads before, but nothing compares to this. With each level lasting a half hour or more, new enemies, absolutely stunning detail, its hard to imagine it's still Doom. I don't care who you are, you MUST play this. I'm not even half way finished it yet, and I have already been playing it for well over an hour. In my opinion, this is the greatest Doom wad/pack ever made. Period. 

ZDoom has the added benefit of running all DOOM engine games, but for straight DOOM there is also PRBoom (faster?).

Both engines are free, open source, run on modern operating systems (hehe) and "Knee Deep In The Dead" is shareware :-D (GZDoom is the OpenGL version)

goodness :-D 
both zdoom and gzdoom say they cant find wads, which I presume means I need one of the orginal dooms installed? 
Of Course 
doom(1).wad to be precise. kdizd is still just a pwad. 
Ok This Is Going To Sound Really Daft... 
...but can I use this with JDoom? :P 
It uses many features exclusive to ZDoom. But I think GZDoom is pretty similar to JDoom in terms of looks (OpenGL). 
Thanks Neg!ke 
I figured it had zdoom specific stuff, but it was worth asking. The only reason I ask is because I already have Jdoom set up and working.

Oh well, sounds like this is worth the bother if it is as good as people are suggesting, so I might as well try zdoom again. 
.. about Doom Legacy engine: would it be suitable ? I don't know if it's open GL or not... any idea ? 
ohhhh man this is so fucking sexy!!!! going on z1m2, already kill then all looking for secrets :)

ambience and details of levels are real good!!! 
i'm @ z1m3: lost my way. grr. maps look nice though. 
It does require ZDoom, as it makes pretty extensive use of its specific features (slopes, scripts, particle emitters, decorate, underwater areas, real time security cameras).

I've only just now had the time to finish z1m2, z1m1 left me questioning due to a few choices (the seismic charge) but mostly due to the fact that I could only reach said object with a running jump.

Excellent moment when you finally get some decent firepower though, very Doom.

Granted my pc isn't so great, but I usually run ZDoom in 1600x1200 and the amount of detail seen per room in this release was enough to cause a framerate drop at that res, so I've been playing it at 640x480 and it is quite smooth (as it should be).

neg!ke, I think I saw you correct yourself about this on the Doomworld forums, but just to inform others, the plasma gun and BFG are absent as the 2 new weapons use those slots.

And dear god the secrets can be quite hard, I spent half an hour on z1m2 and only found 3 of the 9 secrets. 
One could criticize these maps for often being very confusing (in terms of where to go next, find the next key/button etc), they require quite some exploration.
So a good way to reduce frustration might be using the location markers in the map everytime one passes some important area, like a keycard behind a window/forcefield or whatever. Key doors are displayed in their respective colors on the map.

Also, don't waste your shells on weak enemies like soldiers in the first maps! Spare them for tougher ones.

The grenade launcher does twice as much damage as the rocket launcher - this is important to keep in mind for later maps, especially Phobos Anomaly.
Look out for secrets (also on the map)! You will need the rifle for the boss fights.

Infighting has been disabled (on purpose, after playtesting). It can be re-enabled by a console command though.

Sometimes you have to jump for certain items/secrets. I don't know if crouching comes in handy as well.
It's possible to swim. Sometimes this is necessary to progress, other times there are secret areas to be found. 
Multiplayer Action. 
New here, so I may be mistaken, but the part of the title that reads "D1SP" translates to "Doom 1 Single Player" to me. Though my roll was quite limitted, as part of the development support team, I know for a fact that this mod was designed with multiplay in mind. 
Exit Bug? 
I have just finished z1m6. Well, sort of. I'm at the very end of the map in a small cave like room, with a few lights. This room stops abruptly after you turn around the corner, as if thats where the map is supposed to end. And there is no way to get out of the room without using noclip.

I switched to z1m7 to see if this particular cave room is the exit, and sure enough it is. You spawn in the cave room, which continues onto the next level.

So, back to z1m6. using the full map cheat, in the cave room, there is an invisible line in the room that you have to pass to progress. My theory is, this line should be the trigger to the next map, but it does nothing.

Has anyone else had this problem, or am I the only one? 
This wad is simply fantastic, please note the possibility to play it in co-op mode, I assure you it's great.

I would like to recommend other works from tormentor667 (the guy who organized and arranged KDiZD) at like "Torment & Torture 3 : Damnation's Keep" or "Torment & Torture LE : Fury of Fire" and "Austerity". 
A map is generally labeled Single Player if its focus is single player, which is evident due to the detail paid to the single player gameplay in this release. In fact, I've not heard a word of it having any focus on multiplay - it may have kept multiplay in mind, but supporting something doesn't make it the focus. Beyond Belief is a great Quake single player release, and if I remember correctly, has support for coop and deathmatch - but we still consider it a single player release first and foremost.

CI475 - I was always a fan of the City of the Damned, Blood textures, Doom monsters and creepy new music is a winning combination.

I personally would recommend RTC-3057, that was a very atmospheric and fun ZDoom episode, with a good sense of exploration and functional problem solving. 
yes finaly finish!!! real great map pack! thks guys for this great efford!!! i just didn�t like z1m4 much, just becouse i get lost a lot :( dispiste of that, i just have petty becouse my editor dont suport doom mapping i�m real with disire to make a map!

P.S-> :) please stop hidding guns in secrets :p i saw this in almost doom wads!

P.S1-> i think last time i play doom was like 3 or 4 year ago :) but this pack realy worth it!

P.S2-> more please :) 
scar3crow i cant put RTC-3057 to work :\ 
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